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The Situation of Child Rights Governance in Tanzania & Oppor

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Kate McAlpine

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of The Situation of Child Rights Governance in Tanzania & Oppor

Research purpose
To assess the extent to which children claim their rights and receive support from duty bearers at the outset of the program.
A resource to track key program indicators related to five results areas.
Government action in regards to CRC recommendations.
Children's ability to advocate for themselves.
Accountability & Equity.
Laws that protect the best interests of children.
Child friendly budgeting.
102 people were consulted
17 key informants were interviewed.
37 civil society actors responded to the survey, from 22 districts.
40 children participated in the face-to-face consultation workshops, accompanied by 3 teachers.
5 children from the Junior Council were interviewed.
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