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Making Moves

No description

Ashli Logan

on 26 August 2017

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Transcript of Making Moves

Making Moves
Managing Your Career Transition
Main Idea
The goal is to take your existing skill set and convince the Recruiter and Hiring Manager that you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Take a few minutes to reflect on your previous roles and your next role. What are some theoretical, technical, and practical duties that relate?

Buzz Words: Customer Service, Use of Software, Organizing, Procurement, Time Management, Problem Solving, Data Analysis
Auditing Records, Writing Memos/Reports, Public Speaking..
Positions and Industries

File Clerk - Medical Private Practice
Team Member - Food Industry
Cashier - Apparel Company
Greeter/Floor Manager - Cellular Phone Company
Program Assistant - Social Services Nonprofit
Recruitment Coordinator - Education Nonprofit
Career Advisor - Higher Education
Development Associate - Healthcare Nonprofit
Development Operations Manager - Education Nonprofit
National Recruitment Manager - Education Nonprofit
Talent Acquisition Consultant - Local Government
My Career Transition
From File Clerk to Talent Acquisition
Transferable Skills

Handling Sensitive/Confidential Information

File Clerk
Program Assistant
Development Associate
Development Operations Manager
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Transferable Skills

Database Administration/Management

Program Assistant
Recruitment Coordinator
Career Advisor
Development Associate
Development Operations Manager
National Recruitment Manager
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Transferable Skills

Training and People Development

Team Member
Program Assistant
Career Advisor
Development Associate
Development Operations Manager
National Recruitment Manager
Talent Acquisition Consultant

Ashli J. Logan, MPA
Talent Acquisition Consultant
City of Atlanta
Transferable Skills

Financial Operations

Team Member
Greeter/Floor Manager
Development Associate
Development Operations Manager
Removing Obstacles

A Major Outside of the Preferred
Lack of Industry Knowledge
Limited Professional Network
Incorrect Resume Format
Unrealistic Compensation Expectation

Preparing Your Resume/Applcation

Value Proposition
What are you bringing to the role? Who are you professionally?
An aspiring Information Technology professional with five years of experience in database management, project management, and research. Skilled in planning, collaboration, creating business processes, and network configuration
Certifications and On-Going Professional Development
Professional Associations and Affiliations
Relevant Coursework and Experience
Provide a Exceptional Writing Sample
Preparing for the Interview

What are interview trends?
What are common interview questions?
Develop a portfolio to provide your interviewers
Include: Cover letter, resume, writing samples, certifications/licenses.
Be prepared to share examples of your previous work experience and how your skills are transferable.
Be prepared to share how the knowledge you've obtained from your on-going professional development courses has prepared you for the workload.
Have something prepared when the interviewer asks "Is there anything else you'd like to add?"

Email: alogan@atlantaga.gov
LinkedIn: Ashli Loagan
Conduct a Preliminary Job Search

What are the various titles for your desired position?
What are the minimum qualifications?
What are the preferred qualifications?
What are the common job duties for this position?
What's your succession plan?
What's the succession plan for the role?
What's the average salary nationwide/locally?
Where is the market saturated?
What's your ideal company?
Where do people come from and where do they go?
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