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Prezi SPC ( Statistical Process Control)

No description

Eveline Poppe

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezi SPC ( Statistical Process Control)

SPC Statistical Process Control Variation Monitor
Control Observations Natural Variation Special Causes Variation Rationale SPC Improve
Quality 5 Key Points Control of Variation Continuous Improvement Elimination of Waste Control of Variation
Continual Improvement
Predictability of Processes
Elimination of Waste
Product Inspection HOW ? Predictability of Processes SPC - Accept orders that cannot be met
- Unpredictable processes SPC - Can we meet requirements
- Know your capabilities - Reduced costs of produced goods
- Enhanced product quality Product Inspection - 100 % inspection Only 80 % is discovered
Very expensive (labor/machine) - Sampling Faster & cheaper
Process must be under control Statistical Control vs Capability

- Number of defects in a single piece Other Types of Control Charts Statistical Control II Statistical Control I Unstable Process Example Control Chart - Pareto charts
- Cause-and-effect diagrams
- Stratification
- Check sheets
- Histograms
- Scatter diagrams
- Run charts and control charts
- Flowcharts
- Design of experiments Role of Total Quality Tools

- Resetting of machines
- Errors in measurements
- Operator errors Causes of Variability - Analysis on treated water

- Quality control on 30 chemical parameters

- 3 most important parameters:
1. Turbidity
2. Residual chlorine
3. Aluminum Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company

- Drinking water
- Similar case :
Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company
 - Process out of statistical control
- Natural log transformation Control Chart Turbidity
- Normally distributed
- Not autocorrelated

 Adaptations needed to control charts Control Charts Applicable? Case Study : Albert Canal Natural Variability - Humidity fluctuations
- Temperature changes Special Cause Variability Data Have to Be Chlorine & Aluminum: Autocorrelation Condition of Normality Violated Determination UCL, CL and LCL - Based on empirical data Outliers - 2σ Warning Limits
- 3σ Action Limits Advantage Control Charts
Removal of special causes

Operators exercise greater care Variability Decreases QUESTIONS ? Planning Preparation Execution Commitment to SPC - Top management involvement Form an SPC Committee Train the SPC Committee - Cross-functional team - Basic training by experts in
Statistics Set SPC Objectives

Identify Target Processes

Train Appropriate Operators and Teams

Ensure Repeatability and Reproducibility
(R&R) of Gauges and Methods

Delegate Responsibility for Operators
to Play a Key Role Flowchart the Process

Eliminate the Special Causes of Variation

Develop Control Charts

Collect and Plot SPC Data; Monitor

Determine Process Capability Respond to Trends and Out-of-limits Data

Track SPC Data

Eliminate the Root Causes of Any new Special
Causes of Variation

Narrow the Limits for Continual Improvement What's on
the Menu
TODAY ? Implementation
Deployment Control Chart
Development SPC Applied
Water Quality SPC
Defined Factors Which Inhibit SPC
Implementation - Capability in Statistics
- Misdirected Responsibility for SPC
- Failure to Understand the Target Process
- Failure to Have Processes under Control
- Inadequate Training and Discipline
- Measurement Repeatability and Reproducibility
- Low Production Rates - Statistical Process Control Defined

- Rationale for SPC 3 Phases for Implementation Inhibitors - Control Chart

- Role TQ Tools SPC applied
Water Quality TQM Total Quality Management P-chart - Fraction defective C-chart ( Detailed explanation chapter 15 ) Implementation
Deployment Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 - Important to measure the correct data - Main Inhibitor = Lack of Resources
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