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Psychology -Blinding

year 10 psychology powerpoint about blinding

Bec Cumming

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Psychology -Blinding

A blind or a blind experiment is a test or experiment in which information about the test that might lead to bias in the results is concealed from the tester, subject or both until the test finishes.
Single blinding
The researchers do not tell the participants if they are being given a test treatment or a control treatment. This is so the participants to give bias results.
Double Blinding
This is where the subjects and the experiment conducters are unware of the tests and experiments. In most cases, double-blind experiments are held to acheive a higher standard or scientific rigor than blond or non-blind experiments.
Triple Blinding
This is the extenstion of double-blinding. The committee monitoring response variables is not told the indenitity of the groups. the committee is simply given data for groups A and B.
Single Blinding
One of the problems with a single blind test, is that the tester can unintentionally give subconcious cues which influence the subjects.
Double Blinding
computer controlled experiments are sometimes also erroneously referred to as double blind experiments because software may not cause the type of direct bias between researcher and subject.
Useses of Blinding
-In medicine- Double Blinding
-In Pyhsics
-In Forensics
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