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International Projects of Tim Holmes Art

Tim Holmes is the first American artist ever honored with a solo exhibition in the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is recognized for creating international peace awards for international organizations such as the U.N. as well.

Tim Holmes

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of International Projects of Tim Holmes Art

International Projects
PeaceLinks Peace Award
Archbishop Tutu
South African Projects
Tiananmen Sq.
Palestinian Peacemaker Fr. Ilias Chacour
Cape Town Olympic Bid 2004
Robben Island Prison
The Peace Awards
Tim Holmes Studio
Washington D.C.
Physicians for Social Responsibility

President Jimmy Carter
Dr. Jonas Salk
Norman Cousins
Dr. Benjamin Spock
Madame Jehan Sadat
George F. Kennan
"The Healing Touch"
New York
Nelson Mandela
Cape Town
Cape Town
The Sarejevo Cellist
I'billin, Israel
Hillary Clinton
Rosalyn Carter
Norwegian Prime Minister
Gro Haarlem Brundtland
Pat Schroeder
The Freedom to Create prize
"China Peace" helped fund...
St. Petersburg
Hermitage Museum
Coretta Scott King
Vienna media
"The Moving Art of Tim Holmes"
Leper Church Peace Center memorial
"Dancing Sculptures- Tim Holmes Meets Brecht"
UN Women's Peace Prize
"Welcome Home"
Dr. Cynthia Maung, Burma
Music: Montana Logging and Ballet Co.
"Olympic Africa"
Czech president Vaclev Havel
...getting news to the Chinese people about what really happened in Tiananmen Sqare.
Timeless art for troubled times.
fostering US - USSR peace
"The first FAX revolution in history"
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