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Week 6 - Plagiarism & Turnitin

No description

Laura Cornell

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Week 6 - Plagiarism & Turnitin

Navigating around your modules
Possible answers:
According to Haringey Council (2015), the unemployment rate is.....
The unemployment rate in Haringey is ....... (Haringey Council, 2015).

Lower limb muscle strains are the most common footballing injury (Ekstrand, J., Hagglund, M & Walde, M 2011).
A study by Ekstrand, J., Hagglund, M & Walde, M (2011), found that lower limb muscle injuries are the most prevalent injuries amongst soccer players.

Other areas of Moodle - QUIZ
The other sections of Moodle include: My Study, My Foundation, My Work & Career, My Support

Take 10 minutes to navigate your way around in pairs and answer the following:
Week 6, November 18th, 2016
Vol 1, No. 006
Moodle homepage
Moodle intro
What are the rules?
Moodle is where you will find everything you need regarding your programme of study. You will have access to your programme handbook and module handbooks, assessments, announcements, academic calendar and lecture notes. The homepage has 9 tabs at the top that will navigate you around. The main tab you will be using is 'YEAR 1 MODULES.'

Plagiarism is the presentation of work by a student, (written, visual or oral) which is wholly or partly the work of another. It also extends to cover own work previously assessed which is also required to be referenced. Taking unfair advantage over other authors, students or oneself in this way is considered by the THF to be a serious offence. THF will take serious action against any student who plagiarises whether through negligence, foolishness or deliberate intent. Make sure written material, ideas, theories, etc are acknowledged through the use of quotation marks, references and bibliographies.


When you click on 'year 1 modules' you will then be directed to a page that looks like the image to the right. If you scroll down past the timetable you will see all the module you are enrolled on. Click on the module title to open the module section. You must be logged in to be able to access the module content.
When you click on the course you want to view, you will see a page that looks like this. Each course has a news forum, a folder for Assignment Information and Additional Resources as well as the module handbook at the top of the page. Underneath this will be a section for each learning week which is where your weekly lecture notes will be uploaded. Click on the links to access.
Turnitin is a plagiarism software we use for all of your assignments that are submitted online via Moodle. You should now understand about plagiarism and Turnitin is a good tool for you and us to determine if you have used too much information/text from the internet in your work. Turnitin is also a feedback tool. When you submit Turnitin assignments you will get your feedback online in the form of general and in-text feedback as well as a grade.
Where will you find the extenuating circumstances form?
Who are the QAA and what do they do?
Where will you find job opportunities?
Who issues your degree certificate after you graduate and when will you receive it?
Describe the 20 point grading scale and where you will find this on Moodle?

At THF, we use software called Turnitin which automatically scans all submitted work against previously uploaded information on the internet. When you submit a draft assignment you will see your ‘originality’ score which will tell you how much you have copied from online sources. Any source that is copied more than 10% is considered unacceptable and warrants academic misconduct. Information on the correct way of acknowledging work from other sources is available from:


Academic misconduct also covers cheating in examinations and practical assessments

Research Skills

Log in to a computer and find me a referenced answer to this question...

What is the unemployment rate in Haringey in 2015?
What is the most common injury in football?

Type your answer citing the reference as you would in an assignment.
Reliable and valid sources?

Where did you find your information?

What makes it reliable?

Is it valid? Relevant?

What other sources are available?

What do you think is most reliable? Peer review?
Why is it so important?

Dangers of online research




Government policies & white papers
Online Research Tools

Google Scholar:
Bielefield Academic Search Engine (BASE):

Ingenta Connect: www.ingentaconnect.com
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ):
Top End Sports -

Referencing Workshop.

If you still feel you need help with referencing or plagiarism and would like some help with specific assignments, please bring it along with you and we can go through it together.

When uploading an assignment you will see this screen...
Put an appropriate title e.g. Assignment A and click and drag the essay into the submission box.
Once successfully submitted you will get a receipt that looks like this...
2 weeks after the deadline has passed you will receive feedback via Turnitin that will look like this...
If you click on "Originality" it will show you the break down of copied sources from the internet... E.g...
This assignment has a 100% originality score meaning 100% of the work has already been submitted previously.

By looking at the Match Breakdown you can see that 100% was previously submitted to THF and from the information in the text we can find out exactly which student submitted previously...
You can also see a breakdown of smaller matches of 3, 4 and 5%. These match the reference list and are not a problem.
By clicking on 'Grademark' (top left) and the speech bubble symbol at the bottom right you can see general comments about your work. This might include a comment about general grammar or structuring of the assignment or perhaps missing sections etc.
Making sure the Grademark function is selected (top left) you will also see blue speech bubbles within the text. If you hover the mouse over this, you will see specific comments for the yellow highlighted sections within the work. E.g. "needs a citation"
The last thing to note is your grade. This can be seen in the top right hand corner and is based on the 1-20 point scale.

Please be aware that you will not receive a grade for drafts.
Thank you

Any questions?
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