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Balloon + Yeast Science Project

No description

Harley Clifton

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Balloon + Yeast Science Project

Balloons and Yeast
Experiment By Harley Clifton Scientific Question Procedures Hypothesis Picture of my materials Graph When different ingredients are mixed with dried yeast, which will produce the most CO2 to blow up a balloon? ~ Pour dried yeast into bottle
~ Pour in 1 tsp of other ingredient
~ Pour in 1/4 cup of room temp water
~ Immediately cover top of bottle with
~ set bottle in room (warm) water For
half an hour
~ measure the roundest part
of the balloon If I mix dried yeast with other ingredients, then I think the sugar will make the balloon blow up the biggest. Conclusion 3B Data Table Turns out my hypotheses was correct. If i mixed
dried yeast with other ingredients, then the sugar helped
the yeast make the balloon expand biggest of all with an
average of 21.3. I think I got these results because when
the yeast fed on the sugar it produced the most CO2
to blow up the balloon. I think next time I could
improve the experiment by not only measuring the
balloon around horizontally, but also
vertically to geta more
accurate result. Side note-
On the first trial, I could
here it leaking so i had to
hold it for a while.
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