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The DIT LEAD Award explained

The LEAD module will give you the opportunity to chart the development of three core skills from a range key employability skills. Through the assessment you will demonstrate an understanding of these skills and evidence how you developed them

Rachel O Connor

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of The DIT LEAD Award explained

DIT LEAD Award 2017
Through completion of this course, you will
Be formally recognized through a level 7 CPD certificate
Enhance your Student experience and CV.
Develop the ability to articulate how your leadership style developed through participation
Get a better understanding of your leadership and personal motivations
Ensure you have the edge in the job application and interview process.
Get an insight into the kind of skills you like to use and develop and the contexts in which you like use them.
Become part of the LEAD alumni.

What its all about in 3 mins
Why you should get involved?
The LEAD Award will
give you the opportunity to chart the development of your leadership skills
Develop three core skills from a range key employability skills.

These skills are:
1) Excellent Communicators
2) Active Team Players
3) Problem Solvers
4) Creative Innovators
5) Digitally Literate
6) Global Citizens

Through the assessment you will
demonstrate an understanding of these skills
evidence how you developed them through your Leadership role in extra curricular activity in DIT and/or the community.

The conventions
The Award
To earn the award you must:
Complete 100 hours of Engagement in a Leadership role from October 2017- April 2018 (this includes your LEAD award hours)
Attend 3 Days of workshops
Attend 2 Personal Development evening workshops
Attend 3 Mentor Meetings
keep a reflective Blog

The DIT LEAD Award - a level 7 professional development award and membership to the DIT LEAD Alumni

Lead – Contribute to Your Module. Ask questions, difficult ones if necessary. Be engaged. Support you fellow participants. Share your knowledge and your concerns. Reserve judgement on the group and their opinions. Remember your group will be the greatest resource for both your learning and support. The participants are the biggest asset of the module, respect that asset
Engage- Commit to the program. Ensure that you can attend all necessary sessions. Do what is asked of you. Stick to the deadlines. Work with and for your team and respond to the request of your mentors
Develop- Personally and professionally. Leaders need to step up and take responsibility. In this module you will be expected to own your learning and your experience. Think about the responsibility and your relationship with it
How Do I get involved-
25 places are available on the Award! To begin the process:
Talk to the mentors!
Talk to Alumni!
Be in a Leadership role and commit over 100 hours to clubs, societies DITSU, volunteering, mentoring in or outside DIT
Fill in the online Application
Get selected For interview
Begin the LEAD award on November 17th in DIT Bolton st
The LEAD Award programme 2017-18

Semester One 2017
All day workshop DIT Bolton St
• November 17: Engagement Workshop (all day Bolton St)
Personal development workshops (1.5 hours, 5.30pm-7 pm in DIT Aungier St) you attend each workshop on the date that suits! the Word press Workshop will be held on November 22nd

Semester two 2018
Personal development workshops (1.5 hours, 5.30pm-7pm in DIT Aungier St) you attend each workshop on the date that suits!
• 13th February: Mind Mapping Workshop
All day workshop DIT Grangegorman
January 26 Development workshop (all day)
March 09: Leadership Workshop (all day)

This of course can also give you an insight into what you want in and from your career.

Participation in the LEAD Award demonstrates a capacity to learn and develop through life wide experiences and not just formal academic education.
Respect- Privacy and confidentiality are part of the foundations of this module. You must respect the group and it rules at all times.
Achieve- Use the module and your learning to assist you in achieving your personal goals. Recognise the journey, record it, evaluate it and reflect on it and consider how you will use your new skills in the future
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