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Copy of Resilience

No description

Sharon O'Neill

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Resilience

System Integration
Enabling action to promote change
Demonstrating outcome
CYFS Report Card Q1 2015
Planning Table
Pulling working groups' plans together and ensuring alignment.
Working closely with other groups to ensure achievement of outcomes.
Ensuring gaps or duplications are addressed.
Preparing updates to CYFS Council (with Infrastructure)
CYFS Coalition of Simcoe County
Working together
Best Start Network
Basic Needs Task Group
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Francophone COMPASS
Crisis Services Steering
Triple P Implementation
Youth Justice Advisory
Dual Diagnosis
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
1. Reduce significant threat
2. Support human development
3. Support assets and protective factors
4. Create a compassionate community
At the centre of every tree, there are
to nourish, which enable growth. The cohesiveness of every part of the system is the key to be favorable to bear fruits.
When faced with adversity, the tree is strong enough not to break yet flexible enough to withstand the stress.
Some will call this "The ability to bounce back".

We believe that every child deserves the right conditions in order to be like the tree. It is our responsibility as a system and as adults to ensure that we provide our community with every condition necessary to
grow our "trees of life"
To ensure cohesiveness and agreement as a system, including a common language, and to ensure we measure our progress, the following groups will work on following supporting directions:
Each working group of the Coalition will develop a plan that will support the strategic direction of Resilience by addressing one or more of the following population outcomes:
System integration (Integrated working task group)
Enabling Action to promote change (Secretariat) Demonstrating outcomes (Infrastructure)
It is to be noted that initiatives outside of the CYFS Coalition strategic plan are currently underway and that these will have an impact on system integration.
For example; System integration is a deliverable of both "Moving on Mental Health" and "Special Needs" Strategies.
The IWTG is currently following the development of these strategies very closely. Once implementation of the strategies are clear and that Coalition working groups have submitted their working plan, the IWTG will then be able to begin their focus efforts.
Ensuring alignment of working plans to strategic plan
Improving access for families
Ensuring accountability within governance structures of member organizations
Integrated Working Task Group
Receiving synthesized data in order to have a clear picture of the next 3-5 years
Setting priorities and identify gaps
Ensuring plans are put into action
Guiding Planning Table with outcome measurements for working groups
Obtaining necessary data from Planning Table on working group reports and tracking timelines ("Turn the curve")
Analyzing data
Synthesizing data in order to demonstrate overall Coalition outcomes
Prepare reports for CYFS Council (with Planning Table)
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