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Don’t Get Lost in the Forest: A compass for professional use of social media in search and rescue

No description

Emergency Info BC

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Don’t Get Lost in the Forest: A compass for professional use of social media in search and rescue

Don't Get Lost in the Woods:
A Compass for
Professional Use of Social Media
in Search & Rescue

A Smarter Crowd
Stories, Recruitment, Partnership
Lawful Consent
Banned for Bad Info.!
Public Intelligence
Social Media Blunders!
Principled Guide
Ask Yourself...
* Is my first priority public safety and emergency response, not
social media?

* Do my images, videos build a stronger, more effective and
collaborative emergency management team? Do I bolster my
organization's presence and bring awareness to priority web

* Do I respect the individual's identity and not risk sharing
information about a victim or patient without signed consent?

* Do I respect the property of my fellow British Columbians?

* Do I respect emergency organizations, police investigations,
on-site service providers, co-workers and homeowners?

* Do I adhere to B.C.'s confidentiality laws and policies?

* Do my social media communications redirect to credible, accurate
and public information? Do I avoid speculating online if I do not
know the answer to a safety-related question?

* Do I avoid being perceived as an official media spokesperson?

Unprincipled Posting
Thank You.
Unintended Consequences
Emergency Management BC's Social Media Unit
Situational Analysis
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