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No description

Patrick Vaudrevange

on 8 July 2018

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Transcript of 2018_07_02_WarschauStringPheno_Vaudrevange

Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange
Technische Universität München
String Pheno - July 2nd, 2018
representation content: trivial singlet and
3, 3
Thank you
for your attention!

Based on collaboration with:
Andreas Mütter, Erik Parr
Orbifolds and local GUTs
toroidal orbifold =
for example:
4D gauge group = intersection of local GUTs
symmetry of D-dim. crystal
specified by lattice
local GUTs
local matter
Two Heterotic String Landscapes:
a) of Orbifold Geometries
orbifold geometry + gauge embedding:
Heterotic MiniLandscape:
Based on orbifold geometry
with shifts that yield SO(10) local GUTs (with 16):
In contrast, for general orbifold models:
Oleg Lebedev, Hans Peter Nilles, Stuart Raby, Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Michael Ratz, P. V., Akin Wingerter 2006/2007
Andreas Mütter, Erik Parr, P.V. 2018
use autoencoder to reduce number of dimensions
shifts & Wilson lines: 4 x 16 = 64 dimensions
Andreas Mütter, Erik Parr, P.V. 2018
Identify new islands of MSSM-like
orbifold models
Andreas Mütter, Erik Parr, P.V. 2018
N gen. MSSM
3 gen. MSSM
ML: N gen. MSSM
random models
ML: 3 gen. MSSM
project from 64 to 8, then use autoencoder
still too many dimensions & huge symmetry group on input data new idea:
breaking of
+ unpublished data...
latent code dimension
mean squared error
3 gen. MSSM
work in progress...
work in progress...
(project to local GUT breakings)
flavor symmetries
talk by Ramos-Sánchez
and CP
talk by Nilles
find good F=D=0 SUSY vacua
talk by Ruehle
non-SUSY orbifolds
talk by Mütter
for more details
talk by Parr
Identify new islands of MSSM-like
orbifold models
Identify new islands of MSSM-like
orbifold models
How to find promising MSSM-like models?
Just random scan?
Find islands of good models first!
New island of good models!
Now explore island, not the whole landscape!
by a random scan...
can we do better?
y -y
b) of Orbifold Models
To chart the Landscape of Heterotic Orbifold Models
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