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Open LegCo

No description

Kenneth Chen Wei On

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Open LegCo

Open LegCo and Open Data
Presentation to ODHK @ Meet.19
22 April 2014

Tradition of Openness
Beyond openness...
Open Data @ LegCo
Voting Records (XML)

Document databases
Legislative history (XML, JSON)
Policy issues
Member details


Members' interest declarations

Members' spending records and others?
What next?
Build Parliamentary Monitoring culture and ecosystem
Legislative Council's Constitutional Role
- Enact laws
- Approve budget
- Hold government accountable
Independent Secretariat, responsible to
LegCo Commission with broad membership
Basic Law 73: Main LegCo functions
Open, televised meetings
Accessible LegCo Complex
Extensive Library collections
Constant media presence
Photo credit: Felix Wong, SCMP
Work together to lobby Government for more open datasets
Organize "make" events to build and sustain interest in open data
Hack UK Parliament 2012
Thank you!
Kenneth Chen
Secretary General
Legislative Council Secretariat
Video credit: Cyrus Wong
Source: Chung-Hong Chan, JMSC, HKU
Cloud of words contained in motions voted down by members returned by functional constituencies
Voting relationships among members
Text and video Data
Availability User experience
Process driven User centric
Old normal New normal
Website Mobile app
Pdf documents Linked webpages
Kenneth Chen
Secretary General
Legislative Council Secretariat

... in the right hands, very powerful set of data for understanding how the country works and what we can do to change it, if we want to...
Hon WONG Yuk-Man taking a group of students on a tour of LegCo Complex
Hon LAU Wong-Fat is surrounded by a group of reporters at LegCo.
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