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We introduce a village

No description

on 21 May 2017

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Transcript of We introduce a village

It is a collaborative activity between Spanish and French students.

Age: 15-17 years old

Partners: Spanish and French school

Tools: Google, Prezzi, E-mail.

The activity will be evaluated by teachers.

Main activity goals
The process
The process
4. Students will have to explain in their own class, through a
the reasons of the choice and the specific aspects of the village (climate, number of inhabitants, landscape...)

5. This
will be sent to french students with all the information and they will have to invent the village's name. Spanish students will have to do the same with French's Prezzi.
Main worked goals
1. Practice oral and written skills in a foreign language.

2. Use different ICT tools.

3. Learn about another culture.

We introduce a village
eTwinning activity
Rosanna Almela

1. The class will be divided into 3 groups and each of them will be concentrated into one zone of France: The North, Center or South.

2. French students will be also divided into 3 groups with one specific zone of Spain (North, Center or South).

3. Every group will choose an exactly geographic point where the village will be located.
Spanish and french students have to...

- Geographically identify the village and think what they want to create.

- Invent a village's name.

Expected results:

Geography location, name and characteristics of French and Spanish villages.
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