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Enginerds Week 4

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Enginerds Week 4

Tad, Aydan, Sydney, Isaac, and James
Enginerds Week 4: Sky Bound
We separated into 3 main teams:
Model Rocket Team (Tad)
Plane Team (Sydney Isaac and James)
Bottle Rocket + Glider Team (Aydan with help from Tad and Sydney)
What we built this week:
Practiced building simple planes, stomp rockets, and bottle rockets
Made ourselves more familiar concepts such as Center Of Gravity, Center Of Pressure, Thrust, Drag, Lift, and Amount of Dihedral
Came up with rough designs for each craft
How We Started:
Design: paper tube with balsa wood fins and nose cone, and small 1/2A rocket motor, as well as hot glue for connections. Also contained a streamer system made from string and plastic strips
Team Rocket Design:
MK 2
MK 1
Airplane Team Design:
We initially started by following the instructions but there were several parts where they were insufficient so we made the necessary adjustments;
-Added pieces of wood on the side and bottom to make the base stronger
-We put pieces of PVS in order to protect the plane from the force applied by the sticks which held the wings
-We placed the moving parts with space between them before taping to allow them to turn
Bottle Rocket Team Design:
In order to create an effective bottle rocket, several key needs were addressed
balance between distribution of weight and extra mass at nosecone
Aerodynamic stability
Use of Arduino to release glider and parachute.
Shirley Mk. II, the final bottle rocket with larger fins, the arduino mounted on the side.
How Could We Improve These Designs
Take more time to calculate the center of gravity and center of pressure to improve aerodynamics
Use better, more crash proof materials
Research effective designs
A three fin and four fin Stomp Rocket
Successes Failures
Successfully launched into the air.
Arduino was not damaged.
Glider was not damaged.
Servo on Arduino was not secured enough for launch and therefore the glider and parachute did not detach.
Successes Failures
Airplane flew in awesome loops over the bystanders and also flew upside down for a total of at least 15 seconds
The plane was not able to sustain regular flight for longer then 10 seconds
Successes Failures
Rocket flew very high and released the "parachute"
The parachute ejected too close to the ground and the acceleration of the rocket did not decrease.
Our bottle rocket going super high.
Play button is here
This is a video
Lessons Lived
Learned that multiple trials help us improve designs.
Dont throw ideas away even though they sound crazy. They might work, or they may fail.
Starting the Project Differently.
Put two people on the bottle rocket team to start.
Remember to keep aerodynamic principles as a top priority.
Fin :)
Video of the flights
Full transcript