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Engaged Scholarship Online

No description

Bryce Davis

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Engaged Scholarship Online

At the East Coast Colleges Social Science Roundtable in Virginia,I presented a framework for a new online course management tool that can efficiently facilitate university-based external partnerships.
Engaged Scholarship connects the rich resources of the university with identified problems surrounding the university community.
Under the umbrella of Engaged Scholarship, developing an online course management tool that grants access to all interested stakeholders will enhance faculty teaching, research, and service.
The goal is to run an interactive forum where community partners can co-create projects with faculty/students.
“Service-learning combines service to the community with student learning in a way that improves both the student and the community” (Avila-Linn & Rice, 2010, p. 3).
Service-Learning is not community service!
Incorporating the following elements assist in providing a high quality service-learning experience:
Identity a local problem based on community concerns.
Service-learning objectives and student learning outcomes are integrated.
Look for ways to empower students.
Create forums for peer-to-peer reflection.
Facilitates avenues for student-led data collection/analysis.
Enables students to create a social change.
Works best when you incorporate project-based learning.
Theoretical Framework
Combining Course Management Tools
Edmodo (www.edmodo.com)
Operates similar to Facebook
Contains a calendar feature
Contains an IPhone application
Enables Instructors and Community Partners to create real-time alerts
Blackboard Course Sites (https://www.coursesites.com/)
Track Student Performance
Weaves Multimedia and Classroom Content
Share Open Educational Resources
Omeka (https://omeka.org)
Web-publishing platform
Archives digitize collections
Allows you to launch an online exhibition
Collaborates with the university library system
Engaged Scholarship
Integrates the interdisciplinary faculty roles of teaching, research, and service (Silka, 2015).
Involves academics and individuals outside the academy—knowledge professionals and the lay public (regional/state, national, global, universal).
Facilitates the exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.
Includes explicitly democratic dimensions of encouraging the participation of non-academics in ways that enhance and broaden engagement and deliberation about major social issues inside and outside the university.
Creates a dialogic forum that transforms an identified problem into a service-learning project. Intentionally moves partnership to action.
Theoretical Framework
Objective 1: To create a comprehensive course management tool that helps to facilitate these types of engaged partnerships.
Create an interactive online community.
Provide a searchable community based asset map based on local problems.
Create a "digital home" within the college's library for community based research.
Create a searchable database that allows students to build off of previous research conducted by previous students.

Objective 2: To create an informative student profile, so that service-learning activity can be individually tailored toward student interest (differentiating instruction):
Academic Major
Personal and Professional Goals
Desired Career
Acquired Skills
Class and Work Schedule (Coordinate Service Logistics)
Course Management Tool Tips
Goals of this Course Managment Tool
This new model for engaged scholarship will hopefully contribute to the field of service-learning methodology.
Add credibility and legitimacy to the field of engaged scholarship.
Improve communication between partners.
Provide a forum (student symposium) for showcasing projects and disseminating research.
Gather ideas from multiple academic and administrative departments (Career Services).
Consult with members of the university Center for Teaching and Learning.
Consult with members of the university Information Technology department.
Consult with Course Management Companies.
Looking Ahead (Initial First Steps)
Ability to Connect with Online "Friends"
Enables Curricular input from community
Enables faculty and community partners to continually plan student activities.
Provides a forum to send project updates.
Provides a forum to share classroom activity, and ask for support.
Learning that occurs can be immediately applied and continually reinforced.
This site should be open to the public.
Engaged Scholarship Online
A New Model for Facilitating University-Based Partnerships
by Dr. Bryce Collin Davis

Looking to co-construct academic service-learning components within the following courses:

“Discover New York” in the Institute of Core Studies
“Core Scientific Inquiry: Biology” in the Institute of Core Studies
“Literature and Culture of the 18th Century” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Introduction to Sociology” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Small Business Management” in the Peter J. Tobin College of Business
“Adolescent Psychology” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Woman Writers of the 19th Century” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Literature a Global Context” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Speech Pathology I” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Introduction to the Criminal Justice System” in the College of Professional Studies
“Business Writing” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Criminal Investigation” in the College of Professional Studies
“Introduction to Legal Studies” in the College of Professional Studies
“Politics of Africa” in the St John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
“Introduction to Hospitality Management” in the College of Professional Studies
Ozanam Scholars

Looking to plan with Jonathan and Fedaling in order to develop research-based service projects related to the major/interests of each Ozanam Scholar that squarely relates to each scholars' potential capstone project.
Looking to boost publications in Vincentian journal.
Looking to develop a service plan for each scholar.
Looking to work with Residence Life to establish an Ozanam Living Learning Community.
Looking to work with Campus Ministry in order to develop the Staten Island Ozanam Honor Society.
Looking to test the online learning community with the Ozanam Scholars.
Looking to develop a more efficient/high-impact/educational service trip experience
Developing On-Campus Interdisciplinary Community Partnerships
The United Sports League
Johnny's Social Media Center
Mark Jackson Play by Play Center
Lindsey Cassinelli Center for Women in Sports Journalism
Lower Bay Learning Guild of Staten Island
Chess Library
30,000 degrees
The Frederic Ozanam Center for Second Chance Youth
Staten Island Healthy Communities
The Adam McBeth Outdoor Center for Scientific Inquiry
Snug Harbor Demonstration Greenhouse
Lifestyles for the Disabled
Spa Designed for People with Disabilities
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