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MD 355 Crossing (BRAC)

Update for BIC - 12/2/2014

Timothy Cupples

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of MD 355 Crossing (BRAC)

Project Purpose
Enhance Access to Mass Transit
Improve Mobility and Safety of Pedestrians and Bicyclists Crossing MD 355
Improve Traffic Operations at the Existing Intersection of South Wood Road, South Drive and MD 355

Design-Build Project Delivery
Preliminary Plans and Performance Criteria
Identify Mandatory Features and Characteristics
Commitments to Public
Commitments to Stakeholders
Compliance with Environmental Approvals
Establish Contract Terms and Conditions
Select Firm to
Complete Design
Construct Improvements
Current Status
REOI Complete
Shortlist of Qualified Firms
RFP Complete
FHWA and SHA Approval
Next Steps
Release RFP to Shortlisted Firms
Firms Prepare Technical and Price Proposals
Evaluate Technical Proposals
Open Price Envelope
Award on Best Value Basis

MD 355 Crossing (BRAC)
Timothy H. Cupples, PE, DBIA
December 2, 2014
Spring 2015 Notice to Proceed
Schedule May Vary
Anticipate Summer 2015
Utility Relocation Likely First
Shaft Excavation
Coordinate Underpass and MD 355/JBR
Complete Fall 2018
SHA is Addressing Community Input
Schedule Impacts
Approval of County Procurement Procedures
Authorization to Expend Federal Funds
Better Understanding of Utility Relocation
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