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WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, etc: How do I get started selling online, what's required and what are my options?

Presentation that I gave during a small business event.

Demetrius Pinder

on 20 December 2017

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Transcript of WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, etc: How do I get started selling online, what's required and what are my options?

WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, etc: How do I get started selling online, what's required and what are my options?
What is E-Commerce?
Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.

Commercial Transactions include: B2B , B2C, mobile payments, utilities, in-app purchases, etc. Basically, anything that involves the exchange of money, over the Web.

How do I get Started Selling Online?
Your checklist for getting started:
What are my Website options?
While you have the option to choose the DIY option, I suggest you still hire a Web Expert to help build your Website and help you market your Products or Services. Like you would hire a Contractor to build your physical store front, hiring a Web Expert to build your Website puts you into a professionals hands.
What's required to sell online?
Ok, do you have a visual?
Online Marketplace
DIY Website
Choose a Product or Service to sell:
Do some brainstorming. If you would like to sell a product, go to www.alibaba.com and find someone who can help make your dream a reality. If you provide a Service, start with a Website that showcases your Portfolio of work, include a Quote Request form and look into ways to get your customers to pay you, on-line.
Choose where you want to sell your Product or Service:
Selling Products on-line means that you do in fact have the World at your fingertips and your customers can & will come from all over the World, to your Website . Selling Services online is a bit different, mainly because your Service area will be limited. It's important to determine a Target Market though, to make the most out of your Marketing $$$. There's no sense in advertising a Plumbing business in CA, that's based in DE.
E-Commerce site tips:
1. Have your Contact Info very visible.
2. Good Photos
3. Include a Video
4. Have engaging Product Descriptions
5. Simple Registration Process
6. Quick & Easy Checkout
7. Respond to Customer Service requests, quickly
8. Start an E-mail Subscriber List
9. Clearly state Policies and Terms
10. BONUS: Experiment during the Holiday seasons with Colors, Design Elements, etc
11. BONUS: Offer Coupons.
Set up on an on-line marketplace and/or build your own Website:
Most consumers will go to the Web first, to research your business and the competition. Do not discount the power of having a strong Web Presence.
Before you get started selling online, there's several items you should consider having in place
Product / Inventory List
Organized to include "product attributes" such as "size" , "package-type", "weight", Color ("blue"), etc. An organized spreadsheet from Excel or QuickBooks would do fine
Shipping Account
FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. If you're selling products online, you'll need a shipping account. Online Market Places would have this set in place for you
Merchant Account
Merchant acct with PayPal, your Bank, Merchant Processor, etc. Online Marketplaces have agreements in place; some give you multiple payment options.
Secure Connection
Secure connection via a SSL Certificate, for secure transmission of credit / debit card information
Sales Tax Rate
You must know your Sales Tax rate, if you live in a State that charges Sales Tax and you have a physical presence in that State.
Web Analytics
Analytics to track Website visitors, terms used to find your Website, etc. You need to know how and why people landed on your Website. Even better, knowing how and why they purchased from your Website.
Policy & Conditions
The Privacy Policy outlines how your customers data will be stored and used, while they have an account on your Website. Terms & Conditions are rules which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service.
Faith & a Marketing Plan
How do people know about your Products or Services, if they haven't heard about you? Use Social Media, Print Advertising, Commercials, etc. You have to Market your business (hire someone). FAITH: You gotta have it. Success doesn't happen overnight.
What's the future of the Web?
E-commerce can be a very rewarding venture. It is important to do a lot of research, ask questions, work hard and make business decisions based on facts learned from research. Don't rely on "gut" feelings, do the leg work. Put in the time to experiment to see what does, and doesn't work.
This presentation is available on my Website @ NABWD.com. Follow us on Facebook for IT & Web tips and advice.
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