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TimeTrade Integrated Campaign Case Study

No description

Corporate Ink PR

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of TimeTrade Integrated Campaign Case Study

Integrated Campaign
Success Story

About TimeTrade
TimeTrade puts retailers within arm’s reach of their customers – whether they’re shopping online, on mobile devices or in the stores – by offering instant access to meetings with experts who can answer their questions, and help them find what they need.
Get retailers’ attention.

Elevate the story beyond online scheduling to highlight the impact on sales and customer loyalty.
Develop a timely theme.
Craft compelling content.
Own the right channels.
Press Release
Five Retail Trends Accelerate Adoption of TimeTrade's Customer Engagement Platform
Putting Customers at the Center of the World's Biggest Brands, Including 3 of the Top 5 U.S. Department Stores and 4 of the Top 12 U.S.-Based Retailers.
Market Brief
Retailers such as Best Buy are “under immense pressure to provide personalized shopping experience” to differentiate themselves, said Gary Ambrosino, president of TimeTrade. TimeTrade helps these companies roll out the feature. “A big difference is when this managed experience gets created with customers, they are seeing an increase in same stores sales.
Best Buy, Staples, Nordstrom unveil online scheduling
Social Media
For this campaign, TimeTrade A/B tested the effectiveness of each social platform using unique links.
4 Tips for Retailers to Encourage
Repeat Customers

TimeTrade launched a 3-touch drip campaign using the market brief, webinar and MarketWatch coverage to drive leads.
500+ Downloads in 2 Weeks.
100+ from VPs at Top Retailers.
2 Sales Meetings with Top Prospects
Most Successful Lead-Gen Campaign to Date
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