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HIS 155 Syllabus History of the Jewish People I Fall 2016

Dr. Henry Abramson, Touro College

Henry Abramson

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of HIS 155 Syllabus History of the Jewish People I Fall 2016

HIS 155: History of the Jewish People I
Summer 2016 Syllabus
Dean Henry Abramson
Rylands Haggadah (Spain, 14th c.)
Welcome to HIS 155: History of the Jewish People I!
I'm really delighted to be your instructor!
You gotta love the flexibility and power of online learning, allowing you to study anywhere, 24/6.
This kid is taking HIS 155 on an iPad hidden inside his book.
This is an old picture of me before I grew a beard.
is a
of me.
Is online learning for you? Here's a basic checklist. If you answer "no" to more than one of the following, maybe this is not a course for you.
1. I am an intellectually astute individual with an insatiable thirst for knowlege.
2. I have access to a computer connected to the Internet.
3. I am sufficiently self-motivated to commit about forty-five hours of listening to videos for this course (roughly the same time required for attending lectures in a conventional course)
Still undecided? Still wondering what "it" is?
Turn on your speakers and I'll try to explain.
Excellent choice.
And we will have an amazing Embedded Librarian!
What's an Embedded Librarian? It's like having a librarian sit next to you in class, passing you little notes that say "read this article, you'll love it" or "this book would be great for your research project."
Here's the Learning Objectives for the course:
Students who complete HIS 155 will gain broad familiarity with the major themes and trends of Jewish History from the first Roman-Jewish War to the Spanish Expulsion of 1492. Major trends to be covered include the intellectual, social, and religious elements that allowed for Jewish survival in the Diaspora, interactions with Christians and Muslims, and the economic foundations of medieval Jewish society.

Information literacy skills to be developed include basic research experience using the Touro College Library database.
The course will be divided into fifteen modules:
Jews and Judaism in the Ancient World
1. What is Jewish History?
2. Jews and Judaism, Year Zero
3. The Roman-Jewish Wars
4. Judaism and the Origins of Christianity
5. The Mishnah
Jews and Judaism in the Islamic Diaspora
6. Jewish Communal Structure
7. The Talmud
8. Jews and the Birth of Islam
9. Khazaria
10. Jews in Muslim Spain
Jews in Medieval Christendom
11. The Rishonim
12. Jews in the Medieval Economy
13. Medieval Antisemitism
14. Origins of the Eastern European Center
15. Jews in Christian Spain
1. Module discussion questions (15): (30%, at your own pace)
2. Scheduled oral exams (3): (30%)
3. Research Prezi: (30%)
4. Quizzes and Discussions (10%)
I look forward to learning with you!
abramson@touro.edu (718) 252-7800 x59333
These kids are bored.
Required Textbook:

Henry Abramson, The Jewish People: A History
(Manuscript in progress, provided entirely online, free of charge)
Recommended Textbooks:
ISBN: 978-0-691-14487-0
ISBN: 978-0-691-14351-4
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