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4U Community Meeting Presentation: "I Live In" Poems

No description

Natalie Udell

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of 4U Community Meeting Presentation: "I Live In" Poems

Compares 2 different things
Using the words
4U Community Meeting
Presentation: "I Live In" Poems

Compares 2 different things
Sometimes using the words
Reading Strategy: Deep Noticing
key words or phrases
places where you can see the author making a choice
lines you enjoy or that stand out to you
Authors make choices.
The choices are called
Literary Devices
are two ways to make your writing more interesting.
Class Definition
Class Definition
Thinking Maps
I live in dress code
I bathe in white socks all day long
I wake up in it and I go to sleep in it
I live in dress code
dressy like a party skirt
Do you live in dress code?
I certainly know I do
I eat polo shirts for breakfast
I eat smelly white socks for lunch
I eat khaki pants for dinner, with buttons for sprinkles
I feel like a zebra without stripes
I live on Navy Blue Avenue
Is this where you live?
Class Poem:
I Live In Dress Code
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