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Apologetic Basics

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Steven Baley

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Apologetic Basics

I. The path towards spiritual decision
II. Starting points
My apologetic approach
Apologetics & Evangelism- a study in the Gospel
F. Without these three things reality cannot exist.

3. God is triune

thus establishing a reality that allows for both unity and diversity in the universe.

Without the Trinity there is no foundation for communication or love.
What is your
"In the beginning. . ." ultimate assumption?

IV. The truth about man
A. Man is finite- limited in his knowledge and ability

B. Man is sinful- unable to do anything spiritually good apart from God
C. Man's thinking totally disregards the authority of God and the distinction between God-Creator and man-the created
Focus more on one's assumptions not the "facts" that we interpret.
My assumption:
Infinite God
Personal God
Triune God
III. Three steps to talking about worldviews:
A. Discuss worldviews in light of shared interests and shared knowledge.

B. Share your worldview within the context of the conversation while showing them the inconsistencies of their worldview
Proverbs 26:4-5
4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
Lest you also be like him.
5 Answer a fool according to his folly,
Lest he be wise in his own eyes.
C. Show them the emptiness of their beliefs and how they lack the basis for reality and/or morals

The Steps in Action
Fact: Jesus is the most written about life from all of ancient civilizations
How is this possible?

As a rationalist they discount anything that gives an account of supernatural activity. Plus most physical, non-biblical writings from 1st century were Roman.
A. A simple scale of spiritual decision
-3: Recognition of a universal truth
-2: Recognition of the God of Scripture
(Comparative Worldviews)
(Comparative Religions)
-1: Grasp the personal implications of the gospel
0: Repentance
A. Apologetics is:
1. Helping unbelievers overcome obstacles to conversion
2. Helping believers remove doubts that hinder their spiritual growth
B. What Apologetics does:
1. It shows the truthfulness of Christianity
2. It shows the emptiness of everything else
C. Attitudes in Apologetics
Be Humble:
realize that all truth flows from Jesus
Be meek:
gentle but strong
Be respectful
D. The Foundational Belief of Christianity:
Transcendent God
1. God is infinite
2. God is personal
3. God is triune
E. Each aspect of God is needed in order for there to be reality
beyond the natural world
1. God is infinite

in His power, knowledge, and love thus the only one worthy to establish life, Truth, and reality
2. God is personal

thus He communicates Truth and reality to His creation
Worldview Presentation
In groups of 4-6 give a 4-7 minute presentation on where you explain one of the following.
1. Scale of spiritual decision
2. Attitudes of apologetics
3. Three foundations of belief
You will be graded on:
1. Staying within the allotted time
2. Creativity
3. Covering all the material
4. Presentation
4. View of man and our communication with man
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