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Mental Health Presentation

No description

Rebecca Snyder

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Mental Health Presentation

School Social Work
Mental Health
Is about adapting to new experiences in positive, constructive ways.
Managing Change and Conflict in Life, School, Work, Relationships
TrekNorth School Social Work

Helping Students Learn and Achieve
supports learning
Stuck on high-alert, making it difficult for brains to learn.
So what do we do?
We create calm, safe places --places where students know what to expect, adults build relationships with them, and we teach students how to calm their brain into a place where learning can occur.
Social Emotional Learning
Self Management
Social Awareness
Responsible Decision Making
Relationship Skills
Building Resilience
Toxic Stress
Relationship, Routine, Respect
Levels of Stress
Presentation Overview**

Purpose of School Social Work
Mental Health
How to get support for your student or yourself
Supporting Students
Students experiencing toxic stress benefit from
Trusting relationships
School and classroom routines that help them know what to expect
Respectful (not shaming) interactions
What is mental health and how do you know if yours is any good?
Mental health is part of physical health.
Brain Science
Counseling Resources
Life in the Modern World
Healthy eating
Regular Sleep
Healthy Relationships
Limited Screen Time
Balance Work and Leisure
Signs and Symptoms of Problems
Excessive worrying or fear
Feeling excessively sad
Confused thinking or significant problems concentrating or learning
Changes in sleeping or eating habits
Multiple physical ailments without obvious causes (ongoing "aches and pains"
Inability to carry out daily activities or handle daily problems and stress
Part of Advisory/College Prep Curriculum
In School: Contact Rebecca at 444-1888 (opt. 2)to get more information and paperwork
Out of School:
NorthHomes -- 751-0282
Stellher Human Services: 444-2845
Upper Mississippi: 751-3280

Good Self-Care Supports Good Physical and Mental Health
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