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One-component, heat reactive adhesive system

No description

Sibylle Schneider

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of One-component, heat reactive adhesive system

Erwartungen der Industrie
- Niedrige Schmelztemperaturen
- Schonung der Materialien
- Getrennte Verarbeitung und
- Einfache, effiziente Verarbeitung
- Kein Einsatz von Lösungsmitteln
und toxischen Stoffen
Erwartungen der Industrie:
Niedrige Schmelztemperaturen
Gute Hafteigenschaften
Schonung der Materialien
Einfache, effiziente Verarbeitung
Keine Lösungsmittel
VOC konform
Schaetti SXL1350 -
Explore the new one-component,
heat reactive adhesive system.

Expectations of a modern adhesive system
Quick, easy workability
Elements that can be pre-applied
Simple crosslinking
High heat resistance after crosslinking
Good adhesive properties and resilience
Stability even when exposed to heat
Processing like a thermoplastic adhesive
Conventional reactive systems:
Short production window
Crosslinking reaction starts during the mixing process
Pre-coating not possible
Lots of space required during reaction process
Interruptions affect the adhesion quality
It’s a matter of composition:
Low melting range for gentle processing
Excellent adhesive properties
Pre-coating as a powder or hot melt
No solvents (VOCs)
Developed in collaboration with a Swiss research institute
Ideal for heat-sensitive substrates such as leather, textiles and foam
Compelling benefits of Schaetti SXL 1350:
Polymer formulation with flexible properties
Heat resistant up to 200°C
Transforms into a crosslinked, elastic thermoplastic when subjected to temperature shock
Excellent adhesive properties
One-component crosslinked hot-melt
adhesive systems
Spatial/temporal separation of production processes
No mixing with solvents
Can be reactivated by thermal shock
Significant reduction in production time
Pre-coated materials have a good shelf life
Much higher productivity
Toe caps
Bonding leather
Interior fittings
Seat covers
Roof linings
Seam sealing
Zip fastener sealing
Seam bonding

Interior fittings
Seat covers
Economic benefits of SXL1350:
Easy pre-application (little space required)
Less production time
Less energy required during processing
Lower production costs
Higher productivity, more cost-effective processing

Technical benefits of SXL 1350:
Simple processing similar to hot-melt powder
Storage stability of 6 months at max. 40°C
Uses existing equipment
Industry expectations:
Low processing temperature
No damage to materials
Simple and efficient processing
Separate processing / bonding steps
No solvents
The Schaetti Group:
Founded in 1957
Leading producer of thermoplastic adhesive powders, metal coatings & additives
Services: development, polymerisation, compounding and micronisation for customised applications
Production facilities in Germany & China
Cutting-edge machinery and plant
Well-equipped laboratories
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