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School Captain. Aaron. :)

No description

Aaron A :)

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of School Captain. Aaron. :)

Following the rules make a better school!
When being school captain I will wear my school uniform with pride and honour and would respect and wear it correctly everyday. I will include everyone no matter how they look, act or speak. I will respect the schools property and furniture by helping tidy up and not drawing or damaging chairs. I will help by tidying up the playgrounds when having rubbish around them. I will wear my hat when it is needed in Term 1 and Term 4 and will play harmlessly in the playground and obey the school rule, "HANDS OFF"!
Good morning everyone and welcome. As some of you may already be aware, my name is Aaron Agius and I would like to talk to you about why I would like to represent St Raphael's as school captain in 2014. I have been at this wonderful school for 6 years, learning amazing things and in 2014 I would like to give back what the teachers have given to me. I would be honoured and enthusiastic to represent my school at sporting events, excursions and any other activities including other schools, such as debating! I feel that I am a positive leader and excellent role model towards younger kids as well as my peers. I am a confident, friendly and well mannered student who will always include everyone and am a very approachable person. I always try to be as friendly as possible so everyone can be happy! It is important to me to always try to be on time for each class, so I can be ready for the next lesson and I am always organised for any due task or assignment.
I have helped raise $252 for our school with fund raising lollies and snacks at the 2013 movie night. I have participated in the school choir for 2 years representing my school at theaters in multiple places. In the five times I have represented my school at the athletics carnivals, I have consistently shown effort and enthusiasm and have also represented my school while doing Cross Country three times. I also competed at the Preston District Hooptime.
I have joined the school's debating team but unfortunately didn't get into the inter school team. Debating has helped me to became much more confident, enabling me to speak in front of others more effectively and in The Great Debate Off I got best speaker on my first debate! I have also participated in Gardening club for two terms and have been a part of the Performing Arts P.I.N's group for three terms! :) I have represented my school for 5 years while playing in the St Raphael's basketball team, The Stars!
Life throughout school
This is a list of my friends' multicultural backgrounds:
Chaldean/Iraqi (Ravena)
Polish (Amelia)
Italian (Andrea)
Croatian/Italian (Tazio)
Scottish/Irish (Kate)
Irish (Paris)
Spanish/Italian (Isabella)
This clearly shows that I am able to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds! :)

I have never been to the principal's office and have always tried to be on my best behaviour. I know I am not of the smartest kids but I am one of the happiest and also cheerful and I am always trying to make our school a happy and better place!
Being school captain means to be responsible and mature about every action and decision you make but you can also have a great laugh while making your friends and other students as happy as can be! Students need to be happy and this is what a school captain does.. makes people comfortable, happy and feel welcome! That is a big part of being school captain and I can easily share the feeling of happiness! :) School captain doesn't just mean a title and a badge to me, it means to be a good leader and an excellent representative of our school. When I say our I just don't mean Mr. Bourke's, I mean everyone because everyone put a little bit of effort to make this wonderful school what it is today!
Following the rules make a better school
What does school mean to me?
S- Spirited and sympathetic. I will be enthusiastic and have determination about everything I do. I will also encourage everyone, even people with whom I am not friends.
C- Courageous and caring. I will be brave about every task I do and not worry and learn to challenge myself. I will also care for others and respect others likes and dislikes.
H- Humble and heart. I will be respectful towards everyone and be very kind . No matter what or who they are they all should have the same respect and care as anyone else.
O- Obedient. I will listen and obey what any teacher, friend or parent has told me to do. I will always try to be very responsible and not silly.
O- Obliging. I will be helpful and always be ready to help someone. I will also be willing to do a service and be friendly and gracious to everyone.
L- Loving and loyal. I will love everyone with the same love I give to my friends even if they are not from my friendship group. I will always endeavour to be a faithful and true hearted person.
School Captain
Writing this speech and application has helped me realise, no matter the way we look, act or speak we are all different in many ways so there is no point for chaos. I think I have the strength and the qualities to become school captain and I hope you agree. :) Thank you for listening and hope I have showed my courage, enthusiasm and respect to all of you.
Preference's list:
1. School captain
2. Sport captain
(Blue house)
3. Visual arts leader
4. SRC
5. Performing arts leader
6. R.E leader
7. ICT leader
8. Social justice leader
9. Environment leader
10. Library leader
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