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Gothic People

English Project

M.Andrea Arroyo

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Gothic People

Paula Aristizabal, Carolina Narváez, Andrea Arroyo
They try to express
Ghotic Try to express,although not understood in a society where black is the color of mourding and death
They emerged in
The gothic culture emerged in the UK in the early 80s and then was extended by several countries
Factors observed in Gothic people
* Its unique music, art and literature.
How do they define themselves: mentality
" I want to be left alone but I want to be seen.I want to see the shock on other peoples faces. "
Gothic People
* They wear different symbols such as Christian cross, Egyptian ankh or " Eye of Ra", a Wiccan pentacle, a Satanic inverted pentacle, etc.
Characteristic Attire
*Black clothes, preferably leather, boots, piercings and pale skin.

*Supplements like spiked bracelets, wristbands, chains or louvers type.

black clothing
The use extreme of
*The bands that began the gothic rock movement and deathrock were few in number, some of them are:

light coloured
make up
unusual hair
body piercing
bondage items
Southern Death
45 Grave
Goths are characterized by their sinister aesthetic, with dark clothes at night attraction, the horror, suspense and above all for their musical preferences.

Their music
Echo & the Bunnymen,
Interests and activities:
Gothic seem specially attracted to everything in relation to death. they like the horror and mystery, in movies and also literature

Ecuador Gothic is a blog dedicated to expanding local and international events, Ecuadorian and foreign gothic bands, and topics of interest to those who identify with the gothic culture.
They were called new romantic because their culture was born in nineteeth century Romanticim.
How were they called?

A fascination with medieval
Victorian and Edwardian history
A fascination with
Goths tend to be non violent,
pacifistic,passive and tolerant
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