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Supercharge Your Comic Con

No description

Kelly Little

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Supercharge Your Comic Con

- Powers of persuasion
- Can touch my head, shoulders, knees, & toes and
still find my eyes, ears, mouth, and nose
- has a glue gun gamma ray

Super Powers
Kate Irwin
Children’s Programming Coordinator
David Powell
Technology Services Librarian
- Precognition
- Flight
- Invisibility

Super Powers
Les Lehman
Adult Programming Librarian
Super Powers
- Super Magnetic Connectivity
- Unlimited Energy
- Laser Powered Patron Focuser

Kelly Little
Community Relations &
Marketing Coordinator

Super Powers
- Ability to do 10 things at once
- SUper Upbeat
- deadline detector

Finding Characters
Local groups (501st)

Costumed character businesses – Google.

Facebook cosplay groups. (Superman)

Visit other comic cons to make contacts.

Make contacts/use community resources – talk to
people about what they’re interested in. (Ironman)

Stalk them if necessary. (Mystery Machine)

Don’t be afraid to ask, but be prepared.
(Miss KY vs. Jennifer Lawrence)

Family Friendly Event
Princesses, Super Heroes, Cosplayers, Movie Characters
221 B Baker Street, Tardis, Batmobile, Ghostbusters Ambulance, Super Natural Car, Activities
Video game racing, Face Painting, Table Top Gaming, Movie Series, Art Contest, Scavenger Hunt

Professional photographers to take pictures of those in costume & characters.
Post pictures on Facebook. Make sure to have signs stating that if they are in
the area they are giving permission to have their picture taken and posted online.

Music, Organization of the day, Layout of the space, Encouraging cosplay

10:00 am to ? Free comic book give-away (while supplies last).

10:00 am to 11:30 am Costume contest participants visit judges’ booth for scoring.

10:00 am to 12:00 pm Professional photographer will be available to take your picture.

10:00 am to 1:00 pm Batman, Batgirl and the Batmobile will be onsite.

10:00 am to 4:00 pm Library-wide scavenger hunt.

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Costume contest show on the runway, public judging, and winners announced.

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Ironman will be on site.

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm Petite Princesses will be on site.

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Professional photographer will be available to take your picture.

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm Pokémon Go trainers gathering and prizes awarded.

4:15 pm Ribbons for art contest winners awarded.

4:30 pm Winner of scavenger hunt drawing announced.

4:30 pm to 5:00 pm Contest winners pick up items purchased with vouchers.

Links to performers
• https://cincinnati.partyprincessproductions.com

• http://www.h4h.us

• http://petiteprincessparties.com

• http://www.sweetmomentsparties.com

• https://www.facebook.com/LouisvillePrincesses

• http://midsouthgarrison.com

Working with Vendors
Send as soon as possible (and resend 1 week prior to the show to remind them).

• The front of the packet:

Date, time and address of the con.
Vendor setup, opening, closing and teardown times.
Contact information if the vendor has questions prior to the con.

• Other information in the packet:

Vending rules & requirements.
Size of the vending area and what will be provided.
Map of the building.
Detailed information for setup and teardown.
Any forms they need.
List of con events with their location and time.

• Suggested Vending Rules:

Define what can and cannot be sold or displayed.

Vendor Packets:
Suggested Vending Rules:
Define what can and cannot be sold or displayed.

Specify what types of activity may not occur in their vending area.

Tables must be manned at all times.

Compliance with copyright and trademark law.

Vendors are responsible for having a business license/tax ID and paying, filing and complying with any and all applicable sales tax laws.

Requirements for the ‘look’ of vendor areas (table clothes, banners or signs, ADA compliance (36” entry way if allowing customers in their booth), etc.

State in writing that your library is not responsible for any security, theft or fraudulent behavior if it was to occur.

Cosplay Rules
• Anti-harassment policy/statement:

State that harassment will not tolerated.
Provide some examples of harassing behavior, such as stalking, offensive. verbal comments, physical assault, etc.

• Costume rules/guidelines should define:

What cosplay themes are not permitted.
What level of undress (or appearance of undress) is permitted.
What is required of all cosplay costumes. (ex: shoes)
What rules about masks, body makeup, costume size/construction.
Any restrictions regarding transportation accessories such as skateboards, scooters, etc.
What costumes are not allowed, such as realistic representations of police, fire or other emergency services uniforms.

• Prop weapon rules/guidelines should specify:

What is not be allowed.
Requirements for distinguishing a prop from a real weapon.
What safety concerns and requirements must be addressed.
How they may be displayed or used.

• Pictures and autographs at the con:

Define suggested etiquette of asking for and accepting/declining.
Designate where photos and autographs may and may not occur.
Set rules regarding payment for pictures and autographs.

Provide vendors at least 2 hours of set up time prior to the vending area opening.

If possible, give vendors an additional option to setup their booth the night before the con.

As vendors arrive to set up, have a staff member present to check in, provide any credentials (badge) and information, and show them their assigned location either on a map or in-person.

Have hand trucks and carts available to the vendors.

Assign a staff member to be a vendor liaison and inform the vendors who it is and where they will be if needed.

Best Practices:
Artists & Vendors & Cosplayers
Step One: Look deep within

Step Two: Go on a quest

Step Three: Use your web powers

How to find them
What to look for in Vendors/Artists
• All-ages content

• Local or within an hour

• People interested on multiple levels

• High level of professionalism

• Small / Less commercial

• Variety of price ranges and types of merchandise

How to get them to come
Be prepared before you invite

Know your strengths / selling points (and emphasize them)

Send out your invitations (3 to 4 months before the show)

Field questions / have conversations

Send out your artist and vendor packets (1 – 2 months before the show)

Jessamine County Public Library
Presented by:
Our first Comic Con was Saturday, October 15, 2016
How to Market your con
During the Comic Con
Wear Staff T-shirts/Hats.

Maps for Customers.

Scavenger hunt & prize basket.

Have a dedicated Social Media staff member.

Go Live on Facebook/Tweet/Instagram Story.

Pay attention to what IS working and what ISN'T working.

Have a dedicated staff photographer.
Plan for next year
Talk about what to improve.

Vendor Surveys

Try to have the con the same time each year.

Edit webpage with next years date:
Photo Ops for customers with branded Step & Repeat.

Photos Ops with Characters.
Build interest with Social Media.

Newspaper, magazines, etc.
Create a logo

Brand your Con. (Consistency is key!)

Create Fliers

Target your advertising. Potential new customers!

Create a Facebook event and a Facebook ad.

Educate your staff. (What is a con? What to expect?)

T-shirts are great!


What is a Comic Con?
Throwing a Fantastic Costume COntest
Good Timing

Location, Location, Location



Good MC


A comic con, or comic convention, is an event that celebrates a large range of elements of popular culture and entertainment.

Comic cons provide a venue for like minded people to gather to meet creators, entertainment industry figures and other attendees.

Typical interests represented at these events include:

- Animation - Anime & Manga
- Art - Comic Books & Graphic Novels
- Cosplay - Genres (Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction)
- Gaming - Steampunk
- Super-Heroes - Toys

The “comic” portion of the term comes from the origin of these conventions as they started out with a primary focus on comic book culture.

Common Comic Con Vocabulary
: A combination of the words “costume” and play” and can be used as both a noun and a verb. When an attendee cosplays, they arrive at the convention dressed as a favorite figure from popular culture.

: A group of fans who share an enthusiastic common interest in a particular subculture(s). Members of these groups sometimes are referred to as “fanboys” and “fangirls,” but some members of fandoms embrace more specific names, such as Trekkies, Whovians, and Potterheads.
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