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Metacurrency Strategy & Vision

Long term strategy and vision for the Metacurrency Project and related ventures. (from Invitational event May 20, 2011)

Arthur Brock

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Metacurrency Strategy & Vision

Practical Projects
MetaCurrency Project
Vision & Strategy

Streamscapes Invitational
May 20, 2011
Denver, Colorado

An Operating System for Spaceship Earth -- a true nervous system for the Gaia organism.
Full scale system flows data translated for the human perceptual system
Shared symbols embodying values agreements & enabling transaction around those values
Group process tools. Workflows, decision-making, voting, proxies, feedback loops.
Communications integration platform with composable communication flows
Converging Problems
Climate Change
Resource Depletion
Peak Oil
Water Scarcity
Shift Happens
What is bigger than a
paradigm shift?
...and even more disruptive...
I've never heard anyone else
speak of this kind of shift
Some are paying attention
...and can feel it coming
But we need to name it to distinguish
why we're building what we're building
But as a whole we (literally) have no
language for it -- so let's make some.
Species Extinction
Radiation Poisoning
Increasing "Natural" Disasters
Water Safety
Topsoil Loss
Biodiversity Depletion
Wealth Gap
Weapons of Mass Destruction
(nuclear, biological, chemical)
Unchecked Growth
War / Terrorism
Economic Globalization
Seed Loss / GMOs
Toxic Oceans
Poverty / Hunger
Obesity / Health Decline
Looming Financial Collapse
Disappearing Ozone
CO2 / Global Warming
Dimensions of Systems
Evolutionary Capacity of a system is directly correlated to the expressive capacity of a system
So a quantum leap in expressive capacity fundamentally restructures all the other dimensions.
1) Understanding a
Paradigm Shift: a significant change to the
assumptions underlying scientific models
Like: The Sun is in the
middle not the earth!
Not compared to
the advent of organic
compounds or DNA...
Or nervous systems...
Or language... or writing,
or the printing press...
Of course, they did a dang good job of modeling the planets before this shift.
And although the Copernican "Revolution" is credited with being... well... revolutionary,
life on earth didn't actually change drastically.
2) Understanding
Capacity Shifts: emerge from a quantum
leap in the expressive capacity of a system.
We're here today to explore our participation
in the emerging CAPACITY SHIFT.
I was going to start out talking about
the big Paradigm Shift that we're undergoing
because all the rules are changing...
and a new paradigm is certainly an aspect of the emerging landscape
but as I worked on this presentation,
I realized how much bigger this is
than a shift of paradigm.
So I'm only going to touch briefly
on the whole paradigm shift
even though, by itself,
it's a big deal.
The current,
dominant paradigm
is expiring.
It's used up.
Its destructive consequences
are becoming very visible to us.
The shattered, fractured, fragmented
lens that it
gives us
a shattered,
fractured, fragmented world.
It deals with parts instead of wholes,
...linear causality instead of
co-creative spirals of feedback loops.
It's creating problems
faster than it can solve them.
its possibilities
for life are dwindling
And that is scary
when it's all you know
But on the other side
is an inflection point
new models which
give new life
simple solutions to previously
intractable problems
new space for creating
new possibilities
Let's look at how the
process works.
Keep Building on Itself
Wash, Rinse, Repeat
VM Host
VM Host
VM Host
VM Host signal
network signal
VM Host signal
(Inter-VM signal)
Fractal Receptors
Why this isn't just a paradigm shift:
Because the problems aren't conceptual
they're structural.
And the solutions are about engagement
with living systems
Think about it this way...
What is the
difference between:
A mistake on
a math test
A heart attack
Which has the potential to enable us to fully participate in the language of living systems

...and nurture life.
These are not breakdowns in ideas, models or theories.
(expressive capacity = embodied range of informational potentiality)
Blogs, Skype, VM,
CRM, etc.
for communication flows, organization, processing, sharing integration, etc.
Start with application where people
are ready for composability: Communication
Solving: communication overload, lack of integration, ownership of data, authentication, security, semantic relationships, flexibility, evolution of system, missing metrics, etc.
Composability brought to workflows
Self-Governing group process
Voting, Consensus, Alignment,
Rating, Ranking, Refinement,
Iterative Decision Cycles,
Logarithmic Proxies,etc.
They are breakdowns of running living systems.
Vital functions are failing.
Realistically, this is a domain where the cells in our bodies exhibit more intelligence than we do.
They know how to communicate, collaborate, share
scarce resources, generate resource they need
with what they have, and support life.
And we think WE are more intelligent?
They speak a language of life
that we haven't yet mastered,
but our survival depends on it.
Scientific Paradigm
Systems Paradigm
Thinking from creating a fully composable language of flow, we had a major breakthrough in our technology
a Fractal eXtensible Computing Architecture to maximize composability of a digitally enabled flow language
Holoptinetworked sensors & feedback
We're not actually designed for numbers and charts.
Why all this emerged from from a CURRENCY project
Three Distinct Vessels for Participation
1st Rail - MetaCurrency
1st Rung - Streamscapes
2nd Rail - Consciousness
Where's your right place?
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