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Discover Ireland

No description


on 23 April 2016

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Transcript of Discover Ireland

Places to visit
Culture & Food
Identity card
Area : 70,273 km²
Population : 4,635,400
Official languages : Irish, English
Governement : Unitary parliamentary republic
Anthem : "Amhrán na bhFiann", "The Soldiers' Song"

Best memories
Discover Ireland
Cliffs of Moher
King John's Castle
Bunratty Castle & Folk Park
The Burren
They amount up to 214 meters above the Atlantic Ocean on a length of 8 km.
It's a karst landscape that looks like a moon landscape.
It's a 13th-century castle located on King's Island in Limerick.
Ha'penny Bridge
Trinity College
Spire of Dublin or "Monument of Lignt"
General Post Office
Dublin Castle
St Patrick's Cathedral
Bunratty Castle was built around 1425.
Bunratty Folk Park is a living reconstruction
of the home and environment of Ireland over a century ago.
Dublin is the capital of Ireland. There are about 500k inhabitants, it's located in the county of Dublin.
There are 32 countys and 4 provinces.
Limerick is the third city in population of Ireland. There are about 50k inhabitants, it's located in the county of Limerick.
St Patrick's Day
Every March 17th, St Patrick's day celebrate the traditional religious feast day of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.
The Irish population walks through the streets in the colors of Ireland. This day everything is green or coated with shamrock.
The traditional Irish bier is the STOUT (black bier). The most famous STOUT is the Guiness.
Irish are always drinking tea, for the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner, before sleeping. They drink it with milk or lemon.
Irish eat a lot of potatoes, cabbage, bacon, sausages... (not always healthy food !)
The most traditional irish dishes are the Irish Stew, the Bangers and Mash, the Coddle and the Bacon and Cabbage
The Leprechaun is often shown as an old man with a small beard, wearing a hat and dressed in red or green. The leprechaun spend his time making shoes, make jokes and counting his gold coins he keeps hidden in a pot at the foot of a rainbow sky.
Flag of Ireland
That's the emblematic color of Catholic national liberation movement, and traditionally associated with Ireland.
It's a symbol of peace between the two communities.
This color for Protestants commemorates the victory of the English king William III on supporters of Jacques II Catholics.
Celtic Harp
St. Brigid Cross
We can see this harp on the back of Irish coins.
They're used to playing Celtic traditional music.
Legend says that the shamrock was used by St. Patrick during his mission of evangelization of Ireland.
Please not that this shamrock has only three leaves.
It is also the symbol of the Irish rugby team.
The cross of St. Brigid is an Irish religious symbol, consisting of a cross plaited rushes. According to the Catholics, it would protect the houses of fire and curses... St. Brigid is one of the Irish Patron Saint.
Ireland, March 22nd - April 7th
Mélina MOTARD, 2nd 3
2016, Lycée Ste Agnès
Cliffs of Moher
Irish tea
Dublin & his story
Bunratty Castle & Folk Park
I drunk for the first time ever Tea, it was a little bitter but with milk and sugar it was awesome. I drunk it twice a day when I was in Ireland !!!
Dublin is a really pretty city, there are old buildings and many places that are related to the 1016's revolution. It was really interestant to discover the story of this city that has not happened so long ago.
It was really exciting to discover how people lived 100 years ago. I loved this visit and being with Caoimhe, Catherine, Deirdre & Timea was really great.
That's the most beautiful place in the world !!! The view was awesome and really impressive, we were about 200 meter above the sea ! I would like to return there because it was so beautiful...
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