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5th Year Subject Options

No description

Brian O Donoghue

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of 5th Year Subject Options

5th Year Subject Options
2017 / 2018

All students must study:
Irish (unless officially exempt)

PLUS 4 others
German, French, Art, DCG, Technology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Maths, Economics, Business, Accounting, History, Geography

Total of 7 subjects
be studied

How are subjects organised?
Streamed - English, Irish, Maths
Concurrently timetabled

Mixed ability - All others - the 'option subjects'
Grouped into 4 'option lines'
Students do 1 from each option line
These options lines are built after students choose subjects thus giving maximum student choice
How do I make my choices?
Select 6 subject
Now rank them (1 your most preferred to 6 your least preferred)
You will be offered 4 subjects - we do our best to make sure that they are your top 4.
What will I see on VSware?
Things to remeber
It's 2 years of your life so:

Choose subjects you like & enjoy

Talk to teachers, guidance counsellor, principal, deputy principal, parents, brothers / sisters, older students, .....

Take your time - choose carefully

Cannot change later

Completed forms to Brian O'Donoghue by 10am on
Monday March 27th

See the cream-coloured form for details
Complete & return this only if you wish to do LCVP
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