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Amina Alam

on 1 February 2017

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Dr. Ayman A.E. El-Mohandes

Dr. Susan Klitzman,
Senior Associate Dean for Admin and Intercampus Coordination

Dr. Ashish Joshi
Assistant Dean of Students

Mission and Philosophy
Academic Programs
Financial Aid

What is Public Health?
“What we as a society do to collectively assure the conditions in which people can be healthy”(Institute of Medicine, 1988)
Goal: "To assure, maintain, protect, promote and improve the health of the population" (IOM, 2003)

We teach theoretical approaches and practical skills

To engage in teaching, research and practice to
create and sustain a healthier New York City and promote equitable, efficient, evidence-based solutions to pressing health problems facing urban populations here and around the world.

Why Come to the CUNY SPH?
Learn new skills and develop new competencies

MPH accredited by Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)

Contribute to healthier and more just communities
Advance your career and earning potential
MS in EOHS accredited by Accreditation Board in Engineering and Technology (ABET)
& Tuition
Masters Degree Programs
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Community Health
Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Health Policy & Management
Public Health Nutrition

Master of Science (MS)
Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

Concentration in Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health (MCRSH)
General Public Health
Lehman College Campus
Community-Based Public Health and Health Equity

Masters of Public Health (MPH)
How Many Credits?
How Long Will It Take?
Take 2-3 courses per semester
Can attend either part-time or full-time
Finish in 3-4 years

MPH: 45 credits (15 x 3 credit courses)
MS: EOHS: 46 credits
Most classes meet:
2-3 hours, once per week. for 15 weeks (fall and spring)
Classes are scheduled Mon-Thurs. late afternoon or evening
Most students:
How Much Will SPH Cost?Tuition + Fees
Financial Aid
Admission Requirements
2 letters of recommendation
1. *Not required for applicants with previous graduate degrees from US institutions*
2. ETS will submit electronic version for scores w/in past 5 yrs.

Application Deadlines
For US baccalaureate graduates and
International baccalaureate graduates

Fall semester MPH deadline :
March 1

Admissions to the MPH program only occurs once a year

Applicants are encouraged to file for FAFSA at the same time that they are applying for CUNY/SPH. The FAFSA Form is located @ http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

Additional Specialization-specific admission requirements
TOEFL – If undergraduate degree is from a country where the official language is a language other than English
*Graduate Record Exam (GRE)1,2 - Writing, Quantitative and Verbal – w/in past 5 years* (ETS Code:7914)
≥ 1 year of paid or volunteer experience in public health or a related field ; coursework can be substituted for certain programs
Completed application through SOPHAS: www.sophas.org
Official transcripts of all previous university work
Minimum GPA 3.0
Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 21st Century

1. Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
2. Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases
3. Tobacco Control
4. Maternal and Child Health
5. Motor Vehicle Safety
6. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
7. Occupational Safety
8. Cancer Prevention
9. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
10. Public Health Preparedness and Response

Source: MMWR, 2001-2010 (http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6019a5.htm):

Evening classes
Full-time vs. Part-time study
Affordable tuition
Focus on urban health
There is tremendous opportunity & diversity in New York City
Geographic Information Science

Additional Requirements
short essay (500 words)
Highly Recommended
Students learn public health by doing public health
Addressing complex public health problems requires an interdisciplinary perspective
Adult learners bring skills, knowledge and experiences into the classroom

Prevention is a priority
Values & Beliefs
Access to health care is a basic human right
Health disparities is one of the key issues of our time
There is power in evidence
Global public health is doing great community health somewhere else
Admissions contacts
For questions regarding academic programs or admissions:
with us every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30- 1:30 PM

Examples of jobs held by MPH and MS Grads
Health educators
Public health nutritionists
Program directors and managers
Environmental and occupational hygienists
Program planners and evaluators
Health care administrators
Policy analysts
Examples of work settings that employ MPH and MS graduates

Community-based organizations
Local, state, and federal government agencies
Academic and research institutions
Labor unions
Private sector organizations
Health care facilities
Non-profit agencies
Masters Degree Programs
Sustainability, both environmental and economical, is a key public health issue
Required for admissions
Why focus on urban environments?
Many health problems begin in cities and move to other areas (e.g., HIV, substance use, violence, air and water pollution)
Job opportunities

An increasing proportion of the world’s population lives in cities
City University of New York
Public mission
Location, diversity, access to resources
How to Apply:
All Graduate and Doctoral Programs you must use SOPHAS to apply.
SOPHAS is the Schools of Public Health Application Service. It is a centralized "common" application for all CEPH accredited schools of Public Health. Once you select your program of choice you will be able to answer "institution specific questions".
Please note: If you have previously applied to the CUNY School of Public Health (via Apply Yourself ) you will need to re-apply using SOPHAS, our new application service.
Master’s in Public Health and Master’s in Science
Degree Programs

MPH, Community Health Education (COMHE)
MPH, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (EOHS)
MPH, Public Health Nutrition (NUTR)
MPH, Biostatistics and Epidemiology (EPI-BIOS)
MPH, Public Health Policy and Management
MS, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Specific Questions regarding application process with SOPHAS please see links below:

Frequently Asked Questions :

SOPHAS instructions

Links above are available on our admissions website:

What the SOPHAS application looks like:

Questions About CUNY SPH ???
Admissions questions:
Online Chat

sessions to be available on our website
Part-time NYS Resident Non-resident
3 credits $ 1,305.95 $2,325.95
6 credits $2,520.95 $4,560.95
9 credits $3,735.95 $6,795.95

Full time ( ≥ 12 credits per semester)
$4,978.45 $9,093.45

Total cost
(45 credits, based on full-time attendance)


Comparison with private universities in NYC
$1,300+ /credit $50,000 - $60,000/total cost

Office of Student Services Initiative
Public health core courses 15 credits
Specialization courses 15-18 credits
Electives * 6-9 credits
Fieldwork 3 credits
Culminating experience 3-6 credits

* except NUTR-MPH with DI (0 electives)


SOPHAS states that there are 3 references needed however, for CUNY SPH 2 references will suffice. Place an email as a placeholder.
require a
writing sample
GRE Score and Transcripts must be sent to SOPHAS

CUNY SPH admissions at
Funding Opportunities & Scholarships:http://www.aspph.org/study/financing-your-degree/

Graduate Public Health
Information Session

Master of Public Health
Master of Science

What do our graduates do?
is the primary professional degree within public health. As a public health professional, you'll assess and monitor the health of populations at risk for disease, help assure that communities have access to appropriate and effective public health and health care services, and/or develop policies to promote health and prevent disease

Federal school code for SPH: 004765

Students must apply for financial aid each academic year. Financial aid applications are available in early January for the upcoming academic year. Students should apply as early as possible.
BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT with an Admissions counselor:
Appointments can be in person, via Skype, email, or phone call. Please visit the following link, then select Admissions to schedule an appointment:

To find answers to many commonly asked questions, please check out our
admissions FAQ page:
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