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Planning Your Event

No description

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Planning Your Event

Planning Your Event
At The University of Vermont
An Introduction to EMS at UVM
The Event Management System
Planning Ahead
Making a request as soon as possible gives you the most options for planning your event.
Some events require additional lead time.
Requesting Space
Make your space request as early as possible (up to 13 months into the future) because space at UVM is limited and your desired space may not be available.
An example plan
part 1
Your event will be happening
5 months
from today.
Now that you have finished the training. Please select the link below to take the quiz so that we may activate your account.
This may take a couple of days during the busy times.
The Event Planning Process
EMS Portal
An example plan
part 2
Planning your event at UVM
Using the EMS portal
Pre-Event Planning
Things Change
Outdoors Events or Events with Alcohol
: These types of events require at least a
3 weeks
Requests for space are NOT automatically approved. The space requested may not be suitable for the event type or available due to other events in the space or in nearby locations.
Many spaces at UVM have different scheduling rules that apply based on many factors. General Purpose (GP) spaces are different from Athletic Spaces are different from Davis Center Spaces.
Start by requesting your desired space using the EMS portal.
Enter in your details based upon the best possible scenario.
Maximum number of people (plan like everyone RSVP's)
Take your best guess at technical needs (plan like they need everything)
Put in only your event times (the setup and reset times will be added in)
How you would like the room arranged (best guess at the moment)
Always remember that adjusting your event details lower will always be easier than adding labor and resources on short notice.
3 - 4 weeks out
from your event:
Provide menu detail to your caterer
Bar and Alcohol Requests
Update any known event details
Adjust your calendar text if needed
7 business days
out from your event:
Final catering numbers
Final A/V and setup details
Less than 7 business days:
Phone call required
Using the EMS Portal
Use 'Create a Reservation' to request space. (Recommended)
Use 'Locations' to search for space prior to requesting space.
(Helpful if you are not familiar with the spaces.)
Select the appropriate template for the space you're requesting.
Some templates are unique and only accessible to departments using EMS for managing their departmentally controlled spaces.
Use 'My Events' for editing your existing events.
add bookings (additional dates)
add / modify catering and services
modify dates and times or cancel your event
'Let me search for a room' will be the search that gives you the most control over finding the best space for your needs.
Leave your search features at the default / all setting and you will see everything. Classrooms, outdoor tables, common areas, etc. (Not Recommended)
Specify some of your search to narrow your results.
At minimum you would want to enter the number of people attending and if you have a preferred building.
Test Case:
Guest Lecture in the John Dewey Lounge on a weeknight.
Event Needs:
40 audience chairs
We have selected:
The specific date and time
The building that houses the room we want
Lecture style setup
Our attendance numbers
The search results show only one option that matches our needs.
Alternate Search without a specific building.
This will provide all the spaces that match your search criteria.
Available spaces will show the time as clear. Unavailable spaces will be shaded.
Here is where all the action happens.
All the boxes must be filled in to move on to the next steps.
Tedious but necessary
Catered Events:
If your event requires catering, a 2 week notice is necessary in order to properly prepare your menu.
Planning events on your own:
In order to plan your own event using the EMS portal, you will need to be at least 7 business days ahead.
Last Minute Event:
All event requests within
7 business days require a phone call.
Selecting your dates and time.
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