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Mohd Anis Adzizee Madzlee

on 17 September 2014

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Equipped with LED, LCD & Buzzer.
Main function : An indicator when letter is arrived.
Advantages : - Prevent overdue bills. - Better awareness when receiving new mails. - Help to ease user.
Problem Statements
The distance between normal mailbox and home. - Changes of weather.
The time taken for the letter to be received. - Busy with daily routines.
So, the normal set of mailbox is modified.
Scope of Work
1. Figure out the project title - brainstorming method.
2. Make a list of the required components.
3. Sketch the circuit diagram.
4. Create circuit diagram using PROTEUS software.
5. Print the circuit on circuit board.
6. Place components on the PCB and solder them.
7. Do connectivity test.
8. Test the device for the buzzer, LED, LCD to function properly.
9. Place the device in a casing.
Final Year Project :
Electronic Mailbox

Flowchart of the Circuit
To design a mailbox that gives signal to people.
To update owner with new arrival of mail.
Expected Result
Upon completing this project, the electronic mailbox will give a signal to the users and this will help to ease them. Other than that, problems that people are having such as late payment of bills will decrease drastically since this project helps the people to become more aware when their mailbox is filled with new letter.

- Electronic Letterbox, retrieved on 30th June 2014 from

- 555 Timer IC, retrieved on 17th July 2014 from

- LM7808, retrieved on 17th July 2014 from
Literature Review
- Create various kinds
of time delays in a circuit.
- It uses a threshold pin that is
typically connected to an RC circuit.
LM555 Timer
- 8 volts three terminal
- For this family of regulators the
last digit signify the voltage output
that it will regulate.
LM7808 Voltage Regulator
LCD 2x16
- most common
message display device
used to display ASCII character.
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