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Matias Weilmann

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Is race a factor in the debate on mass shootings and gun laws?
Research Questions
BY Matias Weilmann
1) Is race/ethnicity an accurate indicator of a likely shooter?
2) How much does religion affect someone's profilling of mass shooters?
3) Are group shootings (shootings by more than 1 person) not mass shootings?
4) Is the likelyhood of a specific ethnicity/race/religion committing a mass shooting higher as the number of casualities rises?

What qualifies a mass shooting?
According to the FBI, a mass shooting is an incident involving multiple victims of gun violence
Annonymous survey on SurveyMonkey.com
43 Female, 33 Male, 1 did not identify as either.
Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic, White / Caucasian, Multiple ethnicity
Is race a factor in identifying patterns in shooters?
The majority of people that answered the survey said no specific race/religion/ethnicity was more likely to be the one behind a mass shooting(54%). 5.2% thought Black/African American, 36.4% thought White/Caucasian, and 3.9% thought Middle Eastern.
Regardless of if you took my survey or not, would your answer on what race was most likely to commit a mass shooting change if the number of victims changed? If so, what would be your original answer and your new one, and why?
Discussion Question 2
Discussion Question 1

Who is most likely to commit a mass shooting (more than 1 victim)? Is there a specific reason for you thinking this?
Survey Questions
1) Which race/ethnicity best describes you?
2) On a scale of 1 (little) to 5 (a lot), how much does religion influence your beliefs?
3) What is your gender?
4) What is the highest level of education you have completed? (Please round up)
5) Who has the fault of a mass shooting?
6) Who is most likely to be the gunman in a mass shooting?
No one selected Latino or Catholic/Christians for the likely gunman.
The 5 people that answered "not affiliateed with any religion" all selected white to the most likely gunman.
Half of the people that picked 4 or 5 for amount that religion affects your decisions picked anyone for the most likely gunman ( 3 picked black, 6 picked white, 1 picked middle eastern)

Discussion Question 3
Why did no one pick Catholicism? Is it a peaceful religion? Is violence that is "caused by religion" because of what the religion preaches or because of interpretation?
Discussion Question 4
Why did no one select Hispanic/Latino? Why did so little people select African Americans? Do gang shootings not count as mass shootings?
Discussion question 5
8% put their own race/ethnicity as the likely gunman. All of these people were white. Why didn't any other race answer that way? Why is ethnocentrism not evident here?
Works Cited Page
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