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The Road Ahead

No description

Carol DeGarmo

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

To graduate,
must have
all of the following:
26 credits
Passing score on Grade 10 FSA ELA & Algebra 1 EOC exam
Minimum 2.0 unweighted G.P.A.
Completion of required IT courses
Complete 1
Stay connected
Check your email daily
Utilize the eCampus CAIT-Student Services to view scholarships
Sign up for
& enter

Sign up for text notifications with your target colleges/universities
Bright Futures new FFAA application set to open in October & BF application to be open in December
FASFA application will open in October

Meet with your School Counselor
Mrs. Carolina DeGarmo: A-K
Mrs. Donna Wood: L-Z
Mrs. Adriana Teague: AA Pathways
Senior schedule
Course requests have been reviewed & approved
Special considerations, require Principal review
There will be
schedule changes during senior year as this could jeopardize your college admission and/or potential scholarships
Schedules & laptop pick up -
August 1, 2017
Ready, Set, Go!
Know your summer assignments
Community service hours & essay is recommended to be completed by
Sept 1st
. Guidelines, & forms can be found on our school website.
Take a college tour on campus or a virtual tour.
Organize college applications for each of your target schools & be aware of deadlines.
Retake the ACT and/or SAT, to improve your score for colleges & Bright Futures
Seniors SAT School Day - October 11, 2017
Designate sending your ACT, SAT, and/or AP scores to your target schools to avoid extra fees
continue to...
Request letters of recommendation as soon as possible from teachers, coaches, and/or community leaders. Get at least 2 or more & keep a digital copy
During your 1st 9 weeks, you will build your
Academic Portfolio
to include: Academic resume, transcript, personal essay, community service log, letters of recommendation, etc.
Begin your scholarship search by visiting:
Sign up for our
Remind 101: rmd.at/8d87bb
Visit the Bright Futures website to learn more:
To request a transcript, complete the transcript request form in student services and turn into Mrs. McMullen.
First 3 transcripts are
, then they will cost $1 for
each additional
If utilizing
, you will need an
official transcript
for your counselor to submit.
SCPS will send your transcript to Bright Futures during 2nd semester.
$2 postage fee for scholarship applications
Senior Class Fees
$80 - Graduation fee (cap, gown, tassel, diploma, diploma cover & venue cost)
$25 - $30 - Senior hoodie from Herff Jones
$20 - Graduation announcements
$30 - Senior pictures (pricing varies per packages)
$70 - School parking
$60 - $75 - Prom tickets (plus other expenses: attire, hair/make-up, transportation, etc.)
$90 - Grad Bash @ Universal Studios
$16 - Crooms Senior shirts / $20 Long-sleeved
$ 6 - $8 - Senior lunch off campus (per attendance)
$65 - $75 - Yearbook / $20 Yard sign
$10 - Senior video
$30 - $60 - Homecoming dance
$30 - $60 - College applications (varies)
$55 - $60 - SAT/ACT exams (per administration)
$1 - $5 or more - transcripts & postage for mailings
*Prices are not inclusive and may vary

The Road Ahead
Crooms AoIT - Class of 2018
Senior meetings will take place during the first 9 weeks. We will review your graduation credits, talk about colleges/careers, financial aid, scholarships, and more.

Know where you stand
Am I in good academic standing?
Do I know my GPA?
Do I need to attend summer school?
Should I retake a course for grade forgiveness?
Do I need an online course?
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