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Your College List

No description

Cindy Allerman

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of Your College List

Qualities of YOUR Best-fit Colleges
Exploring College Options
About Me
Your Journey to College: Building Your College List
Cindy Allerman, M. Ed
How did I choose my college?
What is a good college?
Research Universities
Liberal Arts Colleges
"College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won."
Texas Colleges
Academic Offerings
Size of college
Class size
Accessible Professors
Academic Pressure
Student Support
Tutoring Centers
LD support
Career Center
Research Opportunities
Study Abroad
Independent Study Options
Hands-on Learning
Advising Resources
Activities and College Culture
The Arts
Greek Life
Geographical area
urban, rural, suburban

Chance to experience a different part of the country


Prefer staying closer to home
Student Body
Making a difference
Beloit College
Florida State University
St. Johns
Naval Academy
Embry Riddle
College View
College Navigator
Big Future
Student Reviews
Virtual Tours
High School Counseling/
College Center
Social Media
Friends and Family
Professional Sites
Campus Visits
Register through the admissions office
Information Session
Campus Tour
Sit in on a class
Department Tours
Take time to explore on your own
Check out the surrounding areas
Spend the night in the dorm
Eat in the student union
Take notes!
Other Resources
UT Austin
Texas A&M
Top 7% for class of 2017
Does NOT guarantee major
Top 10%
Top 25% with Minimum Test Scores
NEW: Class of 2017-all engineering will be
holistic evaluation. Not automatic admission.
Independent Educational Consultant (IEC)
Former teacher for 18 years
Certificate in College Counseling from UC Irvine
Founded College Journey Consulting in 2012
Attended IECA's Summer Training Institute in 2012
I am a "student of colleges." Have toured over 130 colleges and regularly meet with college admissions officers, consultants, and counselors.
Member of IECA and HECA
Cindy Allerman, M.Ed.

College is expensive! ($80-250k) Transferring costs time and money.
The process of self-reflection is the beginning of the journey to adulthood.
College will be your home for 4-6 years.
Students: Take the lead...

Answer the questions: Why do I want to go to college? How can I grow into the type of adult I want to be? How much do I want to push outside of my comfort zone?

This doesn't mean you have to do it alone.
Going to a prestigious college doesn’t make you successful; you must do that for yourself. It’s not where you go to college that matters, it’s how you go to college.
Malcolm Gladwell
Zeitgeist Americas 2013
National or Regional Universities
Offer a full range of undergraduate majors as well as master's and doctoral programs.
Colleges are committed to producing research
Often have large introductory classes
Research may be reserved for grad students
Grad students may be teaching your classes
Are generally divided into smaller colleges or schools
May have Honor's College
Devoted to Undergraduate Education
Broad general education in both liberal arts AND sciences-depth and breadth
Professors are hired to teach
Often very close relationships with professors
Promote skills such as critical thinking and writing across the disciplines
Undergrads have many research opportunities as they are not competing with grad students
Many go on to graduate schools
Generally small
Just to name a few...
"If you want to get a science and math degree, don't go to Harvard."

Harvard is filled with the smartest people in the world, and perversely that makes it a dispiriting place to go to school.
Other viewpoints...
College Website
Assessing Your Chances of Admission
(GPA, Rigor)
Test Scores
College Search Engines
Oregon Institute Of Technology
What should you do instead?
1) Reflect on your learning styles, interests and goals.

2) Take the time to learn about the different college options and determine which qualities are important to you.

3) Research 20-25 colleges.

4) Narrow your list down to about 6-10 colleges you want to apply to.
Seems like a lot of work.
Why take the time?
Tip: Develop a ranking system for the qualities of colleges.
Must Have
Would be nice
Don't Care
Location and Setting
Evergreen State
Colorado College
Tamu Galveston
Harvey Mudd
Deep Springs

What is your pitch? What is your personal success story?

List 2-3 personal qualities. For each one, tell about an achievement that demonstrated this.

i.e. Determination, creativity, loyalty, responsible, athletic, empathetic

Use bullet points:
• Awesome fact about you
* story or achievement that illustrates this

Technical Institutes and Professional Schools
Military Academies
Community or Junior College
Women's or Men's College
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
Proprietary Institutes (for-profit)
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