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Flash Me Your Badge

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Ericka Condon-Ericson

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Flash Me Your Badge

Flash Me Your Badge
What's a Badge, Anyway?
A digital badge is a validated indicator of success, whether it be a skill acquired or an academic accomplishment. Digital badges are issued across the web and hold potential to transform where and how learning occurs and how it is valued.
Badges in PD
Badges have, in some cases, taken off in MOOCs as a way to award demonstrated knowledge in a content area where traditional college credit is not offered.
Badges in PD
Earning badges contributes to a sense of community. In our LMS, badges appear on personal profiles. This opens up an opportunity for others to view profiles and see what kind of badges their colleagues/peers have earned. The physical (digital) badge encourages others to earn the same badge, or seek out other PD experiences, thus "joining" the community.
Badges in PD
Things to keep in mind:
21st Century Professional Development
At SUNY Delhi, we have implemented the use of badges in our virtual Professional Development tracks. Completing a course earns you a badge!
In a study completed by American Institutes for Research and the Sacramento County Office of Education, it's mentioned that recognizing learning and successes "opens possibilities for people of all ages to share a more complete narrative of their personal identity."
The visual nature of badges enables recipients and awarders to see progression. Seeing a physical representation of mastery can be both motivational and engaging, improving learner retention. Digital badges are a portable and easily accessed way to show off achievements.
source: http://lincs.ed.gov/publications/pdf/AIR_Digital_Badge_Report_508.pdf
In Moodle, it's possible that someone may view your profile and see badges that you have earned and be inspired by that, leading others to seek out similar courses. This is good for us and for our faculty, as it helps to advertise PD and lets faculty/staff model for others what skills they see as important.
Badge what you already have
Create a tiered badge system
Pay attention to Design
Badge management is no walk in the park
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