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Adelaide Bently Park

No description

Ashley Jones

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Adelaide Bently Park

Adelaide Bently Park
The Process
The Design
Plant Palette
Bubble Diagrams
Analytical Diagrams
Final Design Proposal
Thinking about Spaces
Key Points in Design
Woodland Garden
Rough Sketch Plans
Key Ideas
-Breaking up the linear corridor
-Creating an entry
-Creating a transition between
the entry path and the open space
-Natural Structures
-Wildflowers/Native flowers
-Butterflies & birds
-Meditation Garden
-Soft Screening for parking
-Border for neighbors
-All native plants
-Utilized existing materials
-Native plants will help attract butterflies and birds
-Ramp entry for accessibility
-Tranquil atmosphere
-Defined edges for screening
Plan Drawing
-ADA park entry
-Transition between linear corridor and open space
Community Serenity Garden
View from "Woodlands" Area
- Use low maintenance and native shrubs and trees that are adapted to the existing conditions, and perennials that only require an annual spring clean up of mowing and remulching
- Enhance the natural beauty of the existing environments - sunny field and dappled sun woodland zones
- Encourage wildlife communities (birds, bees, butterflies) with native plants and pollinator species
The Entrance
Access to the Community Center
Boarwalk Style Ramp
Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii’ - tough holly that is a fast grower and provides a dense screen against the parking lot and sheds. One of the first hollies to flower in spring
and provide nectar for pollinators

Magnolia virginiana - Native understory tree that is semi-evergreen and is naturally found in wetland wooded, great for screening and white summer flowers have lemon scent
Amalanchier aborea ‘Autumn Brilliance’ - Popular native cultivar that does well in a variety of conditions and has white flowers in spring and beautiful fall color. Summer berries are food for birds.
Burford Holly
Sweetbay Magnolia

Echinacea purpurea - Native prarie flower that blooms all summer and is adaptable tough conditions as long as it is in full sun. Attracts many butterflies and seeds are food for bird in winter
Amsonia hubrichtii - Great low maintenance perennial that blooms sky blue in spring and has brilliant yellow fall color
Small Platform to express entrance with a ramp for ADA accessibility
Materials Palette
- Keep as natural as possible and reuse existing materials

- Create a low maintenance mulch path with existing debris that can be easily replenished if necessary

- Use fallen logs as benches and edging for the mulch path, and playful stump path

- Repeat natural materials with wooden entrance deck and ramp
View from Pond Area
View from fence
Concept Ideas
-Woodland Themed
-Bright and colorful
-Peace and Tranquility
-Tree screen to block out parking lot and sheds
-Using existing materials for natural pathways is cost effective
Ashley Jones
Abigail Leonard
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