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Education Building

No description

Dustin Beebe

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Education Building

Education Building
Recap of where we are:
Congregation voted to direct the Building Committee to proceed with planning Education Building
Preliminary floor plans were presented and Building Committee focused on needs for the building
Preliminary cost estimate has been developed and ready to be presented to the congregation
Education Building
Building Needs
Special Needs
Children's Church
Resource Room
Reception Area
Existing Buildings Needing Replacement
North & South Building
Temporary Trailer

Classrooms - 10 children and 9 adults

Total Needing Replacement - 12,800 SF
Site Plan
Classrooms - 12 children and 9 adult - 21 total

Room Square Footage - 16,400 SF
New Education Building
Special Needs Room
Assembly Area
Connection to Sanctuary
Covered Drop-Off
Bathrooms in all rooms, 5-Yr old and younger
Check-In Station Area for Younger Kids
Dedicated Area for Nursing Mothers

Rooms included that we presently do NOT have:
Other Items of Note:
100% larger library
Individual Room sizes are typically larger. Present ~200-300sf. New=400sf
Room sizes based on ideal qty of kids/adults per room.
Maintenance will be much lower
Enclosed building with minimal points of entry for security.
In line with Long-Range Plan
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