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Sustainable Development & Communication

No description

Max Romero

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Development & Communication

They want the employees to be the first engaged in sustainable improvements since they represent the company
The need to show a good image in front of their other internal stakeholders

Companies E-newsletter
Marketing Calendar

Employees - Shareholders -
Suppliers - Financial supports (Banks)
Give off a way of life "Sustainable life"
Make people sensitive to sustainable development issue
Promote a behaviour more responsible
Reinforce their identity

Stakeholders :
Transparency about their information and figures
publishes reports regularly about carbon footprint
give objective figure

Employee and customers :
Sustainable Development Week

Partnership with WWF

Media : PUB, social networks

Workshops :- Recycling campaign - operation of exchange - collect

UNICEF 2000 and Abbe Pierre 2005

RSE trophy
Book and newspapers

1. clear awareness of brand identity, its mission and values

2. attract & retain stakeholders with shared values

Media: press (releases, conferences…), TV (advertising), Radio
Internet: website, blogs, e-mail
Phone Applications
And social media: Facebook, twitter, google+, etc (effective participation)

Customers first - Shareholders -
Partners - Community and society
what is Sustainable Communication
To "sustainable communicate, is to reduce impact on environment of jobs of communication

Communication actions like publications campaigns, event organization, have a significant impact on environment.

Consumption of natural resources :(energy, papers, packagings)
use of dangerous products (ink, solvents), production of waste, transports' pollution, ...)

To have a sustainable communication is also, to design with eco-responsible messages and to influence people

Associations in charge to survey sustainable communication

Internal Communication
To involve the entire company into sustainable project

Communication & Sustainable Development Pole
Annual report
IKEA Code of Conduct- IWAY:
Legal requirement
Social and working condition
Environment and forestry
Organize community events

Suppliers and Collaborators
Risks and Limits of sustainable communication

Risk exposure factors

Power and prominence
Sensitive sectors
Socio-political context
Inappropriate communication strategy


Reputation risk
Legal risk
Social risks

Sustainable Development & Communication
Example of application of sustainable communication : Ikea
Celine Serres
Glenn Talayra
Cheick Sanogo
Fatimetou N'dary
Maxime Romero
Gwladys Le doussal
Example of application of
sustainable communication :
Companies approaches of sustainable communication

Why are they engaged in internal communication?
External communication on
sustainable development

External communication
" a nation that destroys its soils destroy itself"
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Companies are more and more deciding to communicate on their SD policy to attract new stakeholders that are sensible to this.

Just a tendency?

No since they are really committing by signing charters for example the ten principles of the united nations global compact as Sup de co did
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