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Copy of The Honors Program

No description

David Hilmey

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Honors Program

The SBU Honors Program
The Honors Program
Dr. David Hilmey
Madeleine Gionet - JMC

Honors Projects develop independence prior to graduation. Critical thinking and problem solving are two critical qualities employers and professional/graduate admissions are looking for

Honors Program
-Currently Houses approximately 200 students on campus
-Over 50 Freshman currently enrolled in Honors
-Honors students found in all SBU Schools


Students are invited who have over 1200 SAT and 90% GPA in high school
Maintain GPA of 3.25 or above
Complete course requirements (24 hours)
2 Clare Honors Courses
2 Honors Seminars
An additional Honors course
HON 401 (Advanced Seminar)
HON 498 and 499 (Honors Project course)

Honors Program Advantages

-Early registration
-Honors housing
-Honors Seminars
-Free tickets to QCA concert series
-Honors Lounge
-Secondary Advising :
National Scholarship Advisement
Honors advising with Director
--Honors Events
“Tea”, “Pub night”, etc.

How can you maximize
our program for the highest impact experience as an Honors student?
Honors Lounge
A room centrally located on campus

A new couch, loveseat, chair, art, etc. improving the atmosphere and traffic among Honors students

Honors Events
Events throughout the year are planned
Increase sense of community among Honors students
Help to create a Program of Scholars and friends among students and faculty
National Scholarship Advising

Personal mentoring for National scholarships is availale and one of our graduating senior Honors students was awarded a Fulbright scholarship.

Other Events Planned
Evenings with Faculty
Honors sponsored events where our
Honors faculty interact with Honors
Movie series : Faculty favorites with
discussion following

Pub night
Spring event with Honors Seniors and
Juniors in the Rathskellar with wings,
burgers, etc.
Oxford and Honors
The Summer Oxford Program directed by Br. Basil Valente and Fr. David Blake offers Honors courses at Trinity College at Oxford University

The Honors Program sponsored scholarships for students in good standing to study in Oxford this summer

Honors Students at Trinity
Brett Keegan - Philosophy
Megan O'Donnell JMC & Political Science
The Honors Project
Honors Seminars
Small seminar-style classes with unqiue interdisciplinary courses that are current and fun

examples include :
Psychopathology in Cinema
The Life and Times of Bob Marley
Science and Society
Game Theory
Politics and the Media
Fantasy, Fairytales, and Myths
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