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Ms Ripley's Policies

No description

Christina Ripley

on 6 August 2018

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Transcript of Ms Ripley's Policies

Email: coehler@hse.k12.in.us

Classroom Management System: Canvas
Daily Procedures
Absent/Late Work
Always check Canvas when you miss a day of class
Welcome to
Every person in my classroom is expected to...
Mrs. Oehler's Classroom
1. Read critically
2. Write consciously
3. Speak clearly
4. Tell your truth
Daily Activities
Handouts and notes
Mrs. Oehler's Canvas includes...
Start of Class
Taking Notes
Assigned Seats
End of class
Abusing the system leads to loss
of privileges. Be responsible.
1 Make up day
per excused absence

Submit work to the Turn in Tray

Write "absent" on your paper + the date
Make-Up Work
Classroom Management
and Discipline
Verbal warning x2
Hallway conference
Referral + parent contact
Late Work Policy
Late Penalty
Off final score per day
an assignment is late
Check christinaripley.com for extra handouts
Results in parent contact
Resubmission of the assignment
Late penalties apply
Let's have a great semester!
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