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Shifting Left - Identifying Risk Earlier through Requirement

No description

Dan Powell

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Shifting Left - Identifying Risk Earlier through Requirement

Identifying Risk Earlier through Requirements Testing
Shifting Left
Presented by: Dr Dan Powell
Access Testing

40% of projects meet schedule, budget and quality goals. The best organisations are 10 times more successful than worst organisation [IBM, 2008]

Large, technically complex Australian projects have a poor performance record with a failure rate of over 75%”. [for the Business Council of Australia, 2012]

Of value

Over time

78% of respondents reported that “business is usually or always out of synch with project requirements”

Over budget

The State of Our Industry

McKinsey and Co, 2012.
From 5400 large IT projects across various domains

Critical Success Factor

Critical Success Factor
Problem 1:
How We Communicate
Resolution to Problem 1:
Quantify & Address Uncertainty
Identify and quantify


Communicate Uncertainty

Plan and Manage for Uncertainty

Resolve Uncertainty
Align All Stakeholders
Planning and management of risk to value
Focused, conversations and a shared understanding
Management of scope and change
Models Help!!!
Problem 2:
What We Communicate
Design specified without doing design
Resolution to Problem 2:
Quality Scales & Measures
Define scales against which to assess qualities
Determine how to measure against those scales
Test the suitability of designs using scales and measures
Let designers design
There is a difference between enterprise systems and technology led solutions
The programmer’s wife tells him: “Run to the store and pick up a loaf of bread. If they have eggs, get a dozen."

The programmer comes home with 12 loaves of bread.

Identifying Uncertainty - Techniques
Review / Desk Checking (status quo for many)
Variable but mostly ineffective
Time consuming
Managed Inspection (currently accepted best practice)
Checklist-Based and Scenario-Based
Outcomes usually exceed those of ad-hoc review - but variable
Managed Model-Based Analysis and Walk-through (e.g. RQA)
Systematic and Repeatable
Most effective and efficient (by a long way)
Enables communication and resolution

Model-Based Requirements and RQA
5 X as likely to identify omissions than document walk-through
The average project delivers
56% of expected value
The average project's requirements define only
54% of expected behaviour clearly
So, on the average project
You get what you ask for!!!
For every 100 requirements RQA identifies an average of between 15 to 20 issues posing major risk above those identified through managed inspection
... and it is much more efficient at identifying issues posing major risk than currently accepted best practice
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