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January 2017 Orientation

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Transcript of January 2017 Orientation

26-27 September 2017
Help! I can't remember
anything you just told me!

This semester we have just over 300 Study Abroad and Erasmus students studying at Maynooth University!

We have arranged this orientation programme to help you make the transition to life as a Maynooth University student as smooth as possible.

The INTERNATIONAL OFFICE is here to help you during your stay, please don't hesitate to contact us!


The office is located on the top floor of Humanity House,
on the South Campus.
International Office Contact Details & Location
Don't worry! It's normal to be
completely overwhelmed right now!

Read all the information in your welcome pack!

Please consult the International Office staff if you have any questions or need some help. It's what we're here for!

A copy of this presentation will also be on
our website!
Changing Modules
If you have a timetable clash or you find that the module does not suit you, you may add modules until

You CANNOT register for additional classes after this date.

You should inform the Records Office (Ground Floor Humanity House) and your own home institution of changes to your class schedule.

add a module
you need to complete a new Module form just for that module. This needs to be signed again by the relevant International Coordinator.

de-register a module
you just need to call to the Records Office and inform them. You do not need to fill in another Module form: Go Straight to The Records Office

If you do not de-register officially the module will appear on your transcript as ‘Absent'

Please do not make unnecessary changes!
Available modules are listed on our website:
Selecting your modules (classes)
Some Academic Pointers
Some modules also have tutorials. Many of these are compulsory and may count towards your grade. Missing too many can lead to major penalties.
The timetable will be made available closer to the time by the Exams Office and you can check it online

Useful Contacts
Emergency: 999 or 112 for ambulance, fire brigade or Gardaí (police)

Security on campus
01 708 3929

International Office
01 708 3386

Student Health Centre
01 708 3878


Student supports, services,
& facilities available on campus

Health Centre
Counselling Service
Academic Advisory Service
Student Budgeting Advice Service
Career Development Centre
Maths Support Centre
Writing Centre

Clubs & Societies
There are many clubs and societies at Maynooth University for you to join.

Maynooth Students' Union will hold it's Fairs & Clubs & Socs Day on
Wednesday 1st February 10am-4pm in the Students Union _._

It is just €2 to join a club or society so go ahead and see which our our 150 clubs suits you!!

Thursday 26th January
Friday 27th January 2017
9.30am - Greeting by the Registrar and Vice President, John Hume 1 (North Campus)

10am - Information Talk by the International Office, John Hume 1

10.45am - Immigration Talk for non-EU students, John Hume 1

11.30am-1pm - Subject Talks, John Hume 1

2pm - Subject Signing in the Sports Centre, Phoenix Building (North Campus)
11.30 - Irish Cultural Heritage
Orientation Schedule
If you wish to open an Irish bank account you will need your passport and a letter from the International Office confirming your address in Ireland.
If you live on campus, your address format is:

10am, 11am and 12pm - Campus Tours leaving from outside the library (South Campus)

2pm-3pm - Student Support Services talks in John Hume lecture hall 1 (North Campus)

3pm - Scavenger Hunt begins

5.30pm - Welcome Reception in Pugin Hall (South Campus)

7pm - Pub Quiz (Trivia Night) in the Students Union venue (North Campus)

AIB Bank and ATM
Computer Rooms
Common Room
Lots of places to eat!
Post Office
Grocery Store
Student Bar
Registration takes place as follows:
Study Abroad: Thursday 2nd February from 10am
Erasmus students: Monday 6th February from 10am
Subject Talks : : John Hume 1

We're very excited to welcome you to
Maynooth University for what we're sure will be
an unforgettable time!
Orientation Schedule
Opening Hours Reception:
Monday - Friday
9.30 - 12.30
Monday & Wednesday
2 - 4pm
There are also many facilities on-campus!
There are many student supports and services available on-campus!
For support with your learning and accessibility needs you must register online.
Contact our Access Office and your Access Office Advisor will contact you to set up an appointment.
If you need exam accommodations you must be fully registered with the Access Office.
Students at Maynooth University generally take 30 ECTS credits per semester.
Modules are worth 2.5, 5, 7.5 or 10 credits depending on the hours and workload.
It is your responsibility, in consultation with your home university, to ensure you take the required credits.
Talk with the International Coordinator of each Department during subject signing later today if you have any questions
Module codes are a combination of letters and numbers, which tell you the subject and what level/year the module is for.
At Maynooth University, classes are officially referred to as 'modules'. They can be selected from a range of departments and academic years.
Erasmus students:
Your end of year transcript is sent to your home address, so please make sure it's complete, incl. post code and country
Please register for tutorials if you have them as advised by your department. You may sign up for them on Moodle (our online academic system) or at the Department.
Irish Universities may mark assignments in a different way to what you're used to.
It is far less common in Ireland to receive very high marks 70% is a top grade.
We mark and award credit following the ECTS system but our degrees are awarded as 1sts, 2:1's, 2:2's etc.
Assignments might also count towards your overall grade so make sure to read your course descriptions carefully!
You have the first week of semester to go to as many classes as you wish to try them out and ensure they are suitable for you.
After that you must formally register with the Students Records Office.
Please remember to check the email from Ann O'Shea in regard to your registration time slot.
Module Form signed by International Coordinators
Your Student Cards will be available from Monday in the Front Office.
This is needed to access the library and other facilities on-campus.
Please look after it carefully as there is a fee to replace lost or broken cards!
Friday 10th February 2017
You will sit your exams in May with everyone else. But we do not yet know the timetable so please do not book your flight home just yet !!
You can request a letter via our website.
The letter will be issued within three working days.
1A Nore,
River Apartments,
North Campus,
Maynooth University,
Co. Kildare,
Two Last Things!
We are looking to improve our website and social media and need your input!
If you have a spare hour to share some of your thoughts with us (in return for food and drinks) please let one of us know
We have sessions on Feb 21st at 1pm and Feb 22nd at 5pm in St Joseph's Hall on South Campus
11.45 - History
12.30 International Development
12.15 - Early Irish
12 - Peace and Conflict
12.45 - Design Innovation
One of the first things you should do is check whether it's possible to take the classes you are interested in.
To do this you need to go to our online timetable system which can be found here:
Step 1: hit continue straight away - do not select department

Step 2: hit continue straight away - do not select course

Step 3: hit continue straight away - do not select programme

Step 4: select semester 2

Step 5: use the CTRL key to highlight your individual course codes
NB: The timetable might not be fully populated until just before the start of the semester so please keep checking
We have organised a few sessions for those of you interested in learning how to play Gaelic Football
Tuesday 31st January 2pm,
Wednesday 1st February 2pm,
Friday 3rd February 2pm
The times are:
Spaces are limited so sign up at the welcome reception or at subject signing
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