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Higher Education Night

No description

Grainne Scullion

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Higher Education Night

Higher Education
April 2017

Aim of the session:
Explain procedures for applying to university and common pitfalls
Working on it during Careers and over the summer
May need several drafts - draft to be submitted via Google Classroom prior to interview
Difficult with diverse courses
Needs to be positive, enthusiastic, passionate
Try to stand out
Spelling and grammar!
Some further information in booklet
Pupils attended a UCAS convention in March
All pupils will be interviewed by a member of the Careers Department about their options after A-level - week beginning 19th June
Tutors/Careers Classes have given information on writing Personal Statements
Pupils will have 3 Careers Classes in September to help complete the UCAS form
The form is completed online
These classes are for filling in the form not for deciding on choice of course and completing personal statements
UCAS Procedures within School
All pupils will attend QUB and UU Open Day in September
Those pupils who wish will attend St Mary’s Open Day in September
Pupils should not arrange visits to see other universities during term time
To get most value out of Open Days:
Prepare questions
Plan which departments you would like to see
Open Days
Entry requirements: Grades or UCAS Tariff points
1 to 5 choices through UCAS
Personal Statement
Work Experience
Admissions tests
Application Considerations
Personal Statement:
There are 5 main admissions tests:
HPAT Ireland
HPAT Ulster

Lunch time talks about each take place next week

Check courses carefully to see if they require any admissions tests
Bursaries and scholarships are available - research needed!
Tuition fees vary depending on university (max NI = £3,925, max England/Scotland/Wales = £9,000)
All are listed on course search in UCAS
Republic of Ireland
3000 Euro fees each year
Can apply to Student Finance NI for a loan to pay these
Student Finance:
Loans for tuition and maintenance
Grants may also be available depending on income
Paid back when earning £17,335 (NI), £21,000 (other)
e.g. Salary of £25,000 pays £65 per month
other considerations
Location - flights etc
Cost - fees etc
Quality of university
Employment statistics
Early applicants (Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Oxford and Cambridge):
Wednesday 15th September

All other applicants:
Friday 29th September

Plenty of notice for deadlines!
Sept 2015
Be proactive – finding information about courses and universities is each pupil's responsibility

Email faculties with specific questions

Pupils shouldn't arrange holidays for results time in August of U6 (August 2018!), they may be needed to make decisions, talk to universities etc

Application forms for CAO will be given in
November/December of U6

Applying to Art College, Drama Schools, American Universities – it is each pupil's responsibility to find deadlines

Appear in Top 5 for Graduate Prospects consistently:
What employers value:
Different points
No personal statement
Course choice - order of preference!
Offers made post results
Deadline - 1st February
Common mistakes:
Lack of research
Assumptions about courses
Choices rushed
Personal Statement not given enough time
Choices all of the same grade
Courses chosen that pupil is not prepared to do
Leaving everything to the last minute

How to avoid these:
Use Careers Classes well to research courses and work on Personal Statement
Ask questions - from Careers Department and universities
Time and effort needed!
other countries
Eunicas (over 800 courses taught through English) - applying to universities in Europe, 28 Euro, help with applications, information on courses, fees (vary greatly) and deadlines
Fulbright Commission - applying to universities in America
statistics within the school
Over the past few years the school has collected statistics from UCAS
Some of the statistics are shown in the booklet provided
Statistics compare Rathmore with other applicants aged 18 in the UCAS system
We also have some past pupils applying
Pupils can apply to up to 5 courses (applications) but can only accept 1 course (firm/insurance)
No statistics are available for CAO and St Mary's
Breakown of decisions
Lots of statistics available online:
Complete University Guide
Times Good University Guide
The Guardian University Guide
NI students set to benefit from new CAO points system - Irish Times, March 2015
The seven universities in the Republic are set to introduce new admissions procedures that will make it easier for school-leavers from Northern Ireland to gain entry. Under the plan, which will apply to college applicants from September 2016, the Central Applications Office (CAO) points awarded for an A* grade in the A-Level exams will rise from 150 to 180. The points for an A will go up from 135 to 150, while other A-Level grades will be adjusted by five-10 points.
Grade A-level (1st to 3rd) A-level (4th) AS
A* 180 60 --
A 150 50 30
B 130 45 25
C 100 35 20
D 65 20 15
E 45 15 10

Grade A2 AS
A* 56 -
A 48 20
B 40 16
C 32 12
D 24 10
E 16 6

Career ......
... way of making one's living, profession; pathway through life

... an individual's progression through learning

... not a linear path but crazy paving and you have to lay it yourself
Acceptances by Subject
Popular Providers
Popular Providers
Popular Providers
Also in booklet by subject
ABC method to help write personal statement
To be completed before interview in June
UCAS parent guide
Full transcript