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How to avoid getting lumped with the tickets that take forev

No description

Greg Baker

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of How to avoid getting lumped with the tickets that take forev

That's just a collection of Bayesian classifiers!
How long is it going to take?
What else did the robots find?
Please install AEED in your JIRA instance.

Did I tell you it's free at the moment?
Why I started researching JIRA tickets
A large customer of mine had a lot of re-assigned tickets
1 in every 6 tickets was handed over to someone else
If a ticket is re-assigned before, there was a 50% chance that it will be re-assigned again.
This customer was not using JIRA, by the way
Successful Change tickets and their approvers
Unsuccessful Change tickets and their approvers
Incomplete Change
Change tickets were being approved by the wrong teams
How to avoid getting stuck with tickets that take a long time to resolve
The easier problem
Approver List
I could have just sent emails to all their tech staff
and let their SPAM filters handle it.
What was it actually filtering on?
How was that working?
I rewrote it.
It's called AEED
It works with JIRA
It's free (at the moment)
Hand-crafted algorithms
4 - 10 working days per re-assignment
Who is Dr Robin Dunbar?
Dunbar's number
You can only keep track of about 150 people.
Greg's corollary: if you could assign a ticket to any one of 150 people, you'll get it wrong.
So will everyone else.
And you will need to spend time to confirm that a ticket really isn't your responsibility.
So that you can then hand it over to the wrong person as well.
4-10 working days per reassignment
I've got no idea.
Robots assign more accurately than humans
At least
of variation in ticket closure time can be predicted
8 standard deviations away from the duration of other tickets
(Clearly not a Gaussian distribution)
Wednesday afternoon
Matty Mariansky
(Meekan Scheduling Robot)

We do see more scheduling activity at Meekan towards the second half of the week (Wed+Thu).

[...] Often times, just the horror of having to arrange a meeting leads to procrastinating it, when in fact it could be done automatically in a few seconds
Customer-specific stuff
Product name
"Chemical Tank"
Some other time of day
: Help, I need this fixed.
: If I were doing it, I would ___ the ___. But the right approach is to get the ___ team to ___ the ___.
: How long will that take?
Greg Baker (gregb@ifost.org.au)
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