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Mark Van Arsdale

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Enzymes

Enzymes are substrate specific
Enzymes are not used up during a reaction
Enzymes work by lowering the energy of activation
Things that Affect Enzymes
Enzymes Can be denatured by changes in pH and temperature
Inhibitors and coenzymes can affect the speed at which enzymes function
Inhibitors can be competitive or non-competitive.
The active site holds the substrate in place
Proteins that do stuff
that means they work on only one type of molecule
When bound to an enzyme, the bonds in the reactants can be strained (that is stretched) thereby making it easier for them to achieve the transition state
Enzymes take advantage of the full range of intermolecular forces such as polar interactions, hydrophobic interactions, and hydrogen bonding) to bring substrates together in most optimal orientation so that reaction will occur.
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