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Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix : Sound track b

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m m

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix : Sound track b

Among the Hidden by Margaret P. Haddix Sound Track by Mikayla Massey
Among the Hidden: Setting Song
Home by Phillip Phillips

I picked this song for the setting of Among the Hidden because...

The main setting of the book Among the Hidden is the Garner home. Luke is mainly in his house for the book. He sometimes sneaks over to Jen's house but he is still mainly in his house.

Setting-Where the book takes place.
Among the Hidden: Mood Song
Jaws Theme Song by John Williams

I picked this song for the mood of Among the Hidden because...

The mood of Among the Hidden is suspenseful. I was always guessing and anxious. I didn't know what was going to happen to Luke, Jen, or the Garner family.

Mood- The emotion(s) that you feel while reading the book.
Me reading Among the Hidden.
This is what I think the Garner home looks like.
Among the Hidden: Protagonist Song

Mama's Boy by Justin Bieber

I chose this song for the protagonist because...

I feel like Luke is a "Mama's Boy". Luke was closer with his mother rather than with his father. He tried to please his mother. Luke didn't like it when his mother went to work because he wanted his mother to be with him.

Protagonist- The good guy in the book, mainly the main character.

Among the Hidden: Antagonist Song
Population Police
One way or Another by: Blondies

I picked this song for the antagonist of this song because...

The Population Polices job is to ''get" the third child and kill them. One way or another they will find that child. They will try they're hardest to find that child.

Antagonist- The opposite of a protagonist; the bad guy in a novel or drama.

Among the hidden: Conflict song- Luke's inner battle with himself.

Among the Hidden by:
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Inner Conflict by: Burning Heads

I picked this song for the conflict of Among
The Hidden because...

I believe the conflict in the book is Luke's inner
battle with himself. He doesn't know whether to go and
protest for freedom with Jen or staying hidden. He is
scared to go with Jen, but he doesn't want to stay in

P.S. I could not find a YouTube video to this song. But i can enter my flash drive and you can see the lyrics.
Da Sound of the Police by KRS-1

I picked this song for the Antagonist of Among the Hidden because...

The antagonists of Among the Hidden are the Population Police. This song is talking about how the police are like a beast, how officer sounds like overseer. This song goes almost perfectly with the Antagonist of the song.

Among the Hidden: Antagonist Song
Among the Hidden: Theme Song
Among the Hidden:Theme Song
1.) Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
2.) Dirty Little Secret by All Americans Rejects
3.) Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

I picked these songs for the theme of Among the Hidden because...

Safe and Sound talks about how everything will be ok once the "war" is over. Which goes with one of the themes Fight for what you belive in. The next song goes with the theme because all third children are "dirty little secrets. In the song Iris they are talking about how noone understands them, but they want to be noticed in the world.

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