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Week 2 Lesson 1: The Civil War: An overview

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Liam Brooks

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 2 Lesson 1: The Civil War: An overview

Week 2 Lesson 1:
The Civil War: An overview.

To gain an overview of the Russian Civil War of 1918-21.

Students will be able to articulate the causes, effects, and key events of the Russian Civil War, including the role of domestic and foreign anti-communism, ideological and military repression, and key battles.

Kahoot quiz
1. Get a laptop or mobile.

2. Go to www.kahoot.it

3. Put in the game code

4. Create a username
Thank you!
Brief overview
When and where?

March 1918
(signing of treaty of Brest-Litovsk) -
March 1921
(signing of Treaty of Riga)

Video: Overview of the Civil War
1. We'll watch the video then complete a Kahoot quiz.


vs Whites vs

The Bolsheviks and their supporters (mainly proletarian)

- Pro-Tsarist forces
(mainly upper class)
- Pro-Provisional Government forces
(mainly middle class)

- Other progressive/socialist/Marxist groups
that wanted the Bolsheviks to SHARE the power of the revolution (SRs, Mensheviks)
Disgruntled Allied powers
who wanted to see Russia stay in the Great War (Britain, France, USA, Italy, Japan)

- Local peasant communities that 'just wanted to be left alone'
- Fought against both the reds and whites

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