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No description

Zara Alaverdyan

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of MeetMe

KnowMe is meant to help you:

interact with people with much ease and less discomfort
find a new buddy/partner/colleague/
/whoever you search for
make you happy!
The objectives
The package includes:

the best advice/suggestions based on the current environment and the goal - guaranteed!
a sensitive device equipped with a camera, a microphone, GPS ... and a lot more
a rich collection of cutting edge cultural and ethical contextual norms
a tracking system for personal preferences and history
What do we "sell"

We mapped the commonly known cultural and ethical behavioral knowledge to formal norms.


Avoid physical or eye contact if you are in Japan.
Drink vodka in Russia.

The norms
KnowMe is an intelligent device operating on a Multi Agent System.

The executive looooooop:
Perceive the information from the
(yielded by the available sensors) and personal preferences
Filter the corresponding cultural and ethical

Get the most appropriate behaviors based on the gathered
to achieve the specified
How does this work?
Lauren Thevin
Adriana Coroiu
Zara Alaverdyan
Cosmin Marian
Razvan Stanescu

The information becomes available from the environment by the means of the sensors(camera, GPS, microphone etc) .

It includes basic characteristics of the people (upon their agreement), of the context(noise, geopolitical situation) and geographical description(location, weather).

The user may include any type of personal preferences and the intentions.
The components: the environment
The overview
All your intentions can be specified!!


Find a girlfriend[long-term/short-term].
Find a PhD supervisor[permanently].

You can have any preferences!!!


A blond with blue eyes.
A husband with IQ > 150.

Your personal preference history
The communication
Located in a common physical environment multiple agents can communicate in order to find a "perfect" match for the corresponding users.
What will you get?

A list of advice and suggestions to achieve your intention. Your list may look like this:

The individual in the red dress is a 80% match to your goal.
Avoid eye contact and rapid moves. The individual is very sensitive.
Make jokes about binary number system. Computer Science graduates appreciate it!
The lady in red looked at you 10 times in last 8.5 minutes. Her glass is empty. Offer a glass of vine. Speak loudly - the bar is crowded.

More details

Approach as if you were ordering a drink for yourself. Take a look at the glass and offer a new one.
The software used
The package "is" built on:
Jacamo - the concurrency of the sensors, the dynamic plans, the formalization of the known social norms, the inconsistencies between the suggested action plan and the user's behavior were all pointing at choosing this platform.
Altissimo summer school to have our paths crossed!
Special thanks to:
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