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Dumbo Octopus

What is this Amazing Animal?

Anna H

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus
What in the world is that!?
Eww...I mean Wow
Their real name is Grimpoteuthis. There fins look like ears making it look similar Disney character. (aka Dumbo the flying Elephant) This octopus is know as the deepest living octopus. Also this is quite different from other octopuses.
Are you insane!
Dumbo Octopuses are unique animals. They’re octopuses with fins on their heads. With these ears they rely on them to move. On
, it said
"Grimpoteuthis octopuses are part of the Cirrina suborder.”
Since they are Cirrina Suborders they don’t use jet
so they use their ears to
. Unlike other octopuses they have a internal shell which support their ears. They also have suckers in a single row along the arms. These creatures are usually grown up to 20-30cm tall. Though on

, it said
"The largest Dumbo octopus was 1.8 m (6 ft 32in) length and weighed in 5.9 kg (13 lb)”
This makes me think that a usually dumbo octopus is around 1 kg.

the act or power of moving from place to place.
the act or process of propelling.

Word Box
5.RI.1, 5.RI.2
5.RI.1, 5.RI2
Dumbo octopuses usually eats copepods, isopods, bristle, worms, and amphipods. They use their suckers which has a pair of cirri. This brings the food closer because of the water currents it makes. But
, said
"Which are thought to have some role in feeding, perhaps by creating currents of water that help bring food closer to their mouth or beak.”
So it might be true. As they try pounce onto their prey they gobble it whole. They also have arms with small
to grab their prey. This octopuses also
. And because of this the site

"They live around 3000-4000m deep (9800-13000 ft).”
Also they live around New Zealand, Australia, Monterey Bay, Oregon, Philippines, Martha's Vineyard, Papua, New Guinea and the Azores.
a animal that lives on the bottom of a lake, sea, ocean
a barbed spear like missile attached to a rope, and thrown by hand or shot from a gun, used for killing

Word Box
It has suckers in a row
has more text features
Tells all 17 species
Talks about their ink sack
maybe use there cirri

the largest dumbo octopus
Can adopt it
say they use there cirri to eat
give more info in the intro
have a caption with their picture

Says only 17 species know
how deep it goes 3000-4000m deep
what places it live around
U or V internal shell
how it got there name
5.RI.1, 5.RI.6
In Finned deep-sea Octopus and Dumbo Octopus it tells you there are only 17 species know. But Finned deep-sea Octopus had said all the types of the 17 species which makes me think that text 1 had found much more detail on the different Dumbo Octopuses. They both also have how deep it lives around 3000-4000m deep. Though text 2 had put in
“9800 to 13000 ft”
Which help me because I don’t use meters so it was helpful on know about it. They both said about the place they live around (
“New Guinea, Azores”
and much more). And since I know text 1 has more text features it show me on a map where they live around. They talk about how it has a internal shell unlike other octopuses. They also described how they internal shell look like (U or V shape). And of course how they got their names from dumbo the flying elephant.

In text 1 it talks more about the appearance I think this because it said
“Suckers are present in a single row along the length of each arm”
and they also talk about things it uses like there ink sacks and they also talks the different locomotions they use. While text 2 it talks about small things like you can adopt one. Also Text 1 has more text features but I text 2 has a caption while text 1 just has pictures. Also on text 1 it said
"which are thought to have some role in feeding, perhaps by creating currents of water that help bring food closer to their mouth or beak."
While text 2 says
" Much of the food they consume is also found around ocean vent ecosystems or floating along in the current."
Which says it does use there cirri. I think that text 2 has a better intro then text 1. I think this because text 1 has
“inned deep-sea octopuses, of the genus Grimpoteuthis…”
and it has 17 species and others. While text 2 is more like they live around here has 17 species and has fins that looks like ears. So I believe text 2 has more details in the introduction so it hooks the read a lot more.
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